Thursday, February 21, 2013

Testing 1-2-3...

Well, the honeymoon's over.

I have been using a certain tool to allow readers to link up their layouts completed for my It's a Sketchy Challenge and the Leave Your Legacy challenges.  It came up for renewal in January and I was contemplating whether I would pay the renewal or look for a more cost efficient method.

Not that $2 a month is killing me....

I guess I waited too long, because not only have I been sent an email saying that the renewal notices will cease, but now, I've noticed that all of my prior lists have been replaced with this:

Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.

What the....??  I can log into the site and still see the dashboard, but they no longer show on my blog posts.

Well, that peeved me a little.  I understand that server costs are rising and it's fine to supplement what you make in advertising with subscription amounts.  And again, $2.00/month is not breaking my piggy bank.

I would have, however, liked to have been informed (and maybe I had and just don't remember reading it in the Terms & Conditions portion...) that what I have paid for would vanish, once I stopped my subscription.


Please don't get me wrong - I'm not flaming anyone, and I do appreciate those who can offer these services to we, the less-than-computer-savvy.  I'm just disappointed that my blog is messed up now.

And so, today I'm going to be testing a few services that I found via Google.  Both are a free service, although one is upgradeable.

Please help me test it out by adding a link to your blog - not only will I get a chance to test drive these services, but I can come by and say hello! :)

Simply Linked:


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  1. I think InLinkz is the same one Tim Holtz uses on his blog for his 12 tags of 2013 submissions. If it isn't it's VERY similar.


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