Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seven Sunday Blessings: Apr 28

It's been nearly a month since I posted my Seven Sunday Blessings. Certainly not for lack of them, though...

This week, I am thankful:

1. That my audit at work is over, and everything went relatively smoothly.

2. For the warmer weather we have had lately - even if it's been sporadic, at best...

3. That my breadmaker has gone and died on us. Because I think I could seriously eat an entire loaf when it's fresh out of the oven!

4. That Connor got accepted for the CSTC program this year. He will be attenting the summer camp in July/Aug for two weeks.

5. For lunch with fellow co-workers at an awesome local Middle Eastern restaurant.

6. For technology.  Because you allow me to keep in touch with friends and family far away...

7.  For Crispy Baked Drumsticks with Honey Mustard Sauce.  Undoubtedly my family's favourite entree right now.

What are you thankful for this week?


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  1. That's a great list of blessings! Have you ever read 1000 gifts? She has a Joy Dare where you write down 3 things you're grateful for every day and at the end of the year you have over 1000 gifts! I really suck at doing it regularly, but I think it's an awesome idea!


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