Saturday, April 06, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Last Saturday, Aili had her first dance recital.

I find it a little bit sad that she's almost nine and this is her first recital. :(  But when she was three, we had her in a ballet class which ended in a fairly traumatic episode - everything is traumatic at three, if you recall... - and she wouldn't go to another dance class.  We tried soccer.  And baseball.  And gymnastics.  Nothing kept her attention.

Then Connor's swimming began to monopolize our time and we put her in swimming, since we were there all the time anyways.

Only to find out that she had a chlorine allergy.  Sigh.

Over the last year, however, she has been dancing around the house and singing away so we were determined to try again, just at the local community centre.

She loved it.

So we were excited to attend her recital at the end of the session.  Before her recital, she showered and I blow dried her hair into her natural gorgeous curls.  Truth be told, I think she was more excited about wearing eyeshadow and mascara...

I snapped a quick photo with my phone before we left:

There were so many family members and friends there of all the dancers that I didn't think we'd be able to see much, but we managed to sneak in off to the left side of the stage and snapped photos and this video:

Dance Recital from grayskyes on Vimeo.

My favourite part?  When she finally connects with her daddy, videotaping, and she gives him a shy little grin.

Oh, I love her little hair flips throughout. :)


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  1. Oh, I so enjoyed watching your little cutie, Sue. She did a great job and looked like she was really enjoying herself. I danced for years (have my BATD) ... it's brought back memories for sure.


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