Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Annual Review 2013

On Saturday, Gary and I headed to the HMCS Hunter for the Navy League of Canada and Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Agamemnon's 93rd ceremonial review. It is Connor's first year with the Sea Cadet Corps so we weren't really sure what to expect. All Connor said what that it would be about three hours.

Three hours? I made arrangements for Aili to spend the afternoon with her cousin, Carly, at the mall - more for my sanity than for her benefit. Three hours in a hot auditorium and a feisty, antsy 8 year old sounded like a recipe for chaos.

There was a whole lotta marching and parading about - I'm still not sure what it was all about but oh my stars, my momma heart was proud! They started off in full ceremonial dress with a General Salute to the Reviewing Party. 

Here, Lieutenant Commander Martin performs the inspection of the guard. This means he checks their uniforms to make sure the badges are in the proper spots, boots are shined, clothes are pressed properly (yes, this is a specific way to iron each item!).

However, during the General Salute, one of the girls on the Gun Crew nearly fainted so after the inspection, the cadets were allowed to take off their tunics before they performed their displays, which is where each section (Drill With Arms, Drill Without Arms, Band and Gun Crew) did their thing. Connor is on two crews, Drill Without Arms and Drill With Arms.

Drill Without Arms is just basically a bunch of marching around in formation. :)

Drill With Arms is the same thing, but with an old rifle thrown in with some fancy moves... :)

Gary and I didn't feel it but everyone was complaining about the heat in the auditorium. And you can tell from the sheen on the cadets in their polyester pants, wool socks and heavy boots, they agreed!

After displays, they presented the awards. And I'm happy to announce that Connor won the Best First Year Cadet award, along with another first year cadet!!

After the speeches were over, and the refreshments were devoured, the cadets were dismissed and I snapped this quick photo of Connor with his medal, just outside the Hunter:

Oh. My. I know I'm biased but he is so handsome in his uniform! He looks so grown up. And the funny thing is that every time I looked over at him, he was surrounded by girls! And one even came rushing over as he headed towards the van to give him a hug goodbye.

Oh, dear. I need to go lay down.


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  1. Hi Sue, i agree with you 100% he is handsome and yes you NEED to lie down :-) lol


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