Thursday, June 20, 2013

She-Art Canvas, à la Christy Tomlinson

The other night, I wanted to distract Aili from screens.

Note:   In our house, "screens" include all forms of electronics:  TV, Nintendo DS, iPods, iPads, computers, Wii... you get the idea - we are a techie family! 

So I suggested heading into my studio to create or paint something.  She thankfully readily agreed.  I handed her a canvas, gave her full access to my paints and brushes and let her do her thing.

I also grabbed a canvas and decided to try my hand at some She-Art, à la Christy Tomlinson.  I started with these gorgeous Graphic 45 papers:

Despite my love of this paper, I'm not crazy about how the background turned out.  I think it's the painting that went onto the papers.  At any rate, I had fun and will definitely keep trying to perfect my backgrounds!

Here's a quick snap from my iPhone - I will photograph it this weekend and share a full peek!

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