Saturday, August 31, 2013

Right Here Right Now | Aug 31

The Project:  Every Saturday (or some part during the weekend!), at some point, I will post a self-portrait (it won't always be pretty - I'm warning you now!!) and document what I'm doing/feeling/seeing... right now.

dateline:  belle river, ontario, canada @ 1:16 am on aug 30, 2013
weather outside:   stormy, windy
mood inside:  peaceful, reflective

listening to:  the dryer, tumbling
eating: nothing
drinking:  nothing
wearing:  capri pants, striped top
feeling:  excited for the kids to go back to school
wanting:  my e-check to clear so i can print out my new planner and get ready for the school year
needing:  to go to bed so i can get up early tomorrow
thinking:  about plans for this long weekend
enjoying:  football practices - time to break out the telephoto!
learning:  to say no to more things, so i can be present and enjoy life
creating:  nothing right now, but hopefully tomorrow!
wondering:  HOW to break out the telephoto at football practice without seeming creepy!? LOL!
procrastinating:  calling a home reno crew for our master bath... cha-ching!
loving:  my new colour/cut - it's grown so much lately!
anticipating:  the sketchy challenge which i'll be posting on the 1st!!  

tired eyes...need to get to bed!


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