Sunday, November 24, 2013

Right Here Right Now | Nov 24

The Project:  Every Saturday (or some part during the weekend!), at some point, I will post a self-portrait (it won't always be pretty - I'm warning you now!!) and document what I'm doing/feeling/seeing... right now.

(Sorry for the sporadic blogging - trying to be all things to all people... and not succeeding at all of them!  Aiming for better documenting in the future...)

dateline:  belle river, ontario, canada @ 1:10 pm on nov 24, 2013
weather outside:   cold, bitter but snowless!
mood inside:  tired, crafty

listening to:  love don't die by the fray
eating:  nothing
drinking:  peppermint mocha latte
wearing:  yoga pants, t-shirt and hoodie
feeling:  productive - on my way to a clean studio
wanting:  to set up christmas decorations but... (see needing)
needing:  gary to get christmas decorations out of storage
thinking:  about what to make for dinner tonight
enjoying:  the crafting going on around here - sock snowmen, pom pom animals, painting...
learning:  that nine year old girls have a scream that is a decibel range all its' own
creating:  a layout for a cover challenge!
wondering:  how connor is doing at his volunteering gig today
procrastinating:  laundry and menu planning for the week
loving:  my little sock snowman family - so cute!
anticipating:  connor's first "real" orthodontist appointment on wednesday - let the $$ suction begin!

crazy sleep-deprived girls


P/S:  Don't forget about the challenges on my blog for a chance to win:
November Sketchy Challenge (deadline:  Nov 30, 2013)
Leave Your Legacy: Top Ten Lists (deadline:  Nov 30, 2013)

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  1. Cute picture ;)
    Also want to say thanks for the goodies! You always have the sweetest RAK!


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