Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who's The Boss?

So… the topic today all started because of this mop of unruliness.

If  you've ever had a child with fine, crazy-curly hair, you understand my pain.  Now that she's grown older, it's even worse.

Trying to drag a comb through this without any tears or wiggling is like trying to tame a caged tiger.  I find that distracting her is key.  And while I don't usually use television as a distraction, the other night we decided to try to find a cooking show to watch together while I combed.

(She discovered cooking shows like Jacques Pepin's on PBS a few years ago and loves watching them!)

After flipping through the Roku unsuccessfully, Gary came in and said he had the perfect thing… and a love affair has begun.

The kids were equally fascinated by the intricate cake decorating AND family dynamics! LOL.

Fast forward to several days (and episodes) later and they are both still talking about fondant, modeling chocolate (said with a Jersey accent!) and lobster claws!.  Aili insisted on spending time with some modelling clay tonight.  I was working downstairs, trying to clean up some of the mess from the flood (more on that later this week!) and she came down to show me one of her finished products:

Isn't it adorable?  She plans on painting this mama dragon and her baby dragon eggs - I asked if she was making this for a project in mind and she answered…

"Oh no, Mama, I'm just pretending it's fondant.  I'm going to be a cake decorator"

Does anyone know if Michaels' has a Wilton class for kids???


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  1. I'd be surprised if they didn't! Especially during the summer!


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