Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Love

This weekend, I spent time with "my girls". You know the ones, who share your passions for paper crafting and memory keeping, love wine and good food, and know how to freak you out with a good scary movie and creepy looking dolly!

Wait, what?  That last part is only my friend, Sharon?  Oh okay, never mind...

Although this trip was planned in advance, I wasn't sure until the last minute if I would be able to go.  At a photo shoot a few weeks ago, I injured my foot - turns out I have plantar fasciitis. :(. But I missed the girls, despite our crazy fun weekend at the Encore Dance Crop a few weeks ago:

So luckily, my bags were still packed from that trip so the stress of a last minute decision to go was reduced slightly.  I did, at the last minute, throw in my Gelatos and some art journaling materials in case I didn't feel like working on something that a required concentration (or sobriety).

Once there, we spent so much time catching and laughing that we didn't get started until late on Friday.  I got an idea in my head to do a quote and some Zentangling ( is that a verb?) so I searched my Pinterest boards for a quote.

And then the fun began.

Once I had all the lettering done in pencil, I used a combination of my Sharpie and my favourite journaling pen, PaperMate Flair marker.  Once to lettering was done I started to add some tangles to a small circle... And immediately hated it!  So I cut a circle out of book paper and used Gelatos for a watercolour look - instant love!!

Unfortunately, I had a spill and discovered the Flair is not waterproof! :(

However, those who know me know that I always say that there are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents!  I used the bleeding to inspire me to add some strategic circles and rearrage a few letters. The smudge on the outer border was instantly covered with washi and voilĂ !

I think I've found my new love...

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