Sunday, June 04, 2006

Continuing to play catch up...

I'm not doing a great job at keeping this more current, am I??!!

June is a crazy month for me - I have two inventories, one at each Shoppers (June 7th and June 27th) plus a 3-day internal audit smack dab in the middle on the 14th!! Ack! I'm not too worried about the audit - just some filing to get done before then!

Last entry saw me rambling about our professional lives... As for our family life, things are crazy, just the way we like it!! Connor is in Grade 1 at Puce Public School this year and will be 7 in December. He has shot up several inches in the last few months. He's now 48 inches tall (yes, that's FOUR feet!!) and weighs in at a hefty 58 lbs!! But he's very lean - must be all muscle mass!

He's started soccor this year and is a natural!! I'm sure that his Italian and English heritages have SOMETHING to do with that! :D He loves to play in goal, but is equally comfortable playing on the field.

He left for his first practice wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and got geared up at the field. He walked into the house after practice, wearing his game jersey, shin pads and cleats, and I had a Mommy Moment. You know, when you look at your child and realize that he's moved past the point you though he was at, and has grown before you realized it.

This photo was taken at his second practice. The kids are all 6 and 7 years of age, and at the stage where everyone moves en masse after the ball!

Connor is also continuing with his swimming lessons - he's a little fish! He can swim the length of the pool and has a very strong backstroke. What a difference a year makes!

Aili is also growing by leaps and bounds! She is going to be two in August!! When did THAT happen?!?!
Photo by Sooters

She is loving her four days a week at Franco-Sol and has adapted to the French language easily. She can already say several french words, including merci (thank you), a demain (see you tomorrow), au revoir (good bye) and biscuit (cookie). She is a regular chatterbox and quite the DIVA already!! She knows what she wants and more importantly, what she DOESN'T!!

As for our other baby, Simon... we have bad news. He was diagnosed with spinal arthritis in March 2006 and we had resigned ourselves to the fact that our 8 1/2 year old "puppy" was no longer that. The vetrinarian could not give us a time frame, nor could he speculate on how much pain he would actually have. Fast forward six or seven weeks to the end of April. We came home to find Simon laying on the kitchen floor. He could not get up to go outside - he could not even wag his tail. He had not eaten in over a week, but did not look emaciated. In fact, he looked bloated. I could tell something was very wrong and we brought him into the afterhours clinic that night. They took one look at him and knew what we suspected. They withdrew fluid from his belly, only to find it full of blood. We had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put him down that night. Without an autopsy, it was difficult to speculate, but the vet thinks that he contracted cancer of the spleen and that during the day, his spleen had ruptured. He indicated that it was a wise choice to bring him in, as we may have likely discovered him gone in the morning.

I cried for a week after he was gone. It was a very difficult choice for us, but one that was necessary to give him the peace that he so rightly deserved. He was a beautiful, gentle dog and may he be very content, in Heaven, at my mother's side - with her most likely feeding him treats all day!!

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  1. Hugs to you with the death of Simon. They are like kids too.

    LOL on the soccer games and masses following. You should see the 3 year olds play. They all go the wrong way. It's way too cute!!


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