Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The View from Above

Yep. This is it. My daughter's crazy head of hair.

It is the first thing on which everyone comments. (Either that, or the fact that her ears are pierced?!?) My sisters laugh about it every time they see her, and tell everyone they know about their niece with the crazy hair. :)

I am at a loss at what to do with it. It has grown, in the last few months, by leaps and bounds... but only down the middle, like some obscene sort of curly mohawk. The bangs aren't long enough to put up in a barrette. The sides aren't long enough to put up in a pony or pigtails. The top is at least five inches long, but you'd never know it, from the riot of curls in which it nests.

She comes by it honestly, at least. Gary had a FULL head of blondish curls as a baby, while I had the little "wings" on either side for, well... forever it seems!!

And so... I'll just bide my time, admiring all the little girls with their hair up in ponytails, collecting pretty barrettes and clips until one day... I will finally get my wish and put two little ponies in that wild, wonderful curly mess on her head!! :)

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  1. Oh so cute!! I love the curls. Will be a no go on that end. Kendra still hasn't much hair either but pinning (sp?) with you on the pigtails.


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