Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2 down, 18 to go!

Connor lost another tooth tonight!!

Actually, it had a little help from Dad... I noticed yesterday that Connor's lower central incisor was coming in behind the loose tooth, and it looked like it was WAY back from the other! That spurred me into action (as dollar signs swam in my head from braces and orthodontic visits!) and I called Dr. Coscarella to have him yank it. Well, they weren't going to see us until next week, but I convinced them to take him first thing in the morning! ;)

However, when we got home, Connor wanted Dad to try to pull it... So with a tissue in hand, and little wiggling, alot of twisting and PRESTO! Out it came! Of course, my camera bag was downstairs so I haven't got a photo... yet! :) Soon to follow!

Now to find some change for the Tooth Fairy!


  1. Oh Yay!

    Let's hope the tooth-fairy is more on the ball at your house than she was at ours :)

  2. ew ew ew!! LOL! I have shivers now thinking about pulling teeth!! But yay that he didnt even have to go to the dentist!

  3. WOW glad he was able to do it. Love those missing teeth smiles.


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