Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you care? Probably not!

My bio and layout for the Scraptivity website has been up for a while... I just haven't had a chance to post it here. And maybe, just maybe I wondered if anyone really cared...? LOL!

Thanks to my wonderful husband who came up with this idea for me! Well, the photo anyways... He's actually the one that I turn to when I'm stuck - he has a wonderful eye for composition, a throwback from when he was a professional videographer!

He was, however, too busy to take a photo of me, so I set up my backdrop in front of my big bay windows, grabbed a big mirror, my tripod and a stool and set to work. Only five photos and I got this one. Photoshop is truly my friend! *wink*

My Bio and LO:

Journaling reads:

It could be a newborn baby sleeping. Or a screaming toddler, in the middle of a tantrum.

A field of wildflowers on a mountainside. Or a breath-taking sunset on a tropical beach.

That’s the well from which I draw my inspiration. The little nuances that I glean from this wide, wonderful world of amazing things to discover and share.

My photos are a glimpse into my world, as I see it.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

This is my life, through the lens.

All supplies from the June '06 kit, except transparencies and ribbon bits on small tag.



  1. STUNNING!!!! You are as beautiful on the outside as you are inside!

  2. I care, I posted a thread on S! that all the new Dt bio's were up, love yours!!!

  3. I saw it on the site already. IT's fabulous!!! Great job on the handcutting and love the journalling.

  4. just saw this on S!
    I love it so much, it truly is reflective on the inner you! Of course we care!! It's a great piece!!

  5. Yes of course we care! Love the layout and the journalling is perfect.

  6. awesome layout Sue. Congrats on the DT position :)

  7. Love it sweetie! The LO is just awesome!!!!


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