Monday, July 31, 2006

Home from a fun weekend!

We headed up to Erin this weekend to celebrate Gary's dad's 65th birthday! We had a nice family lunch, then came home to celebrate with several family friends. And it's just not a party if the boys don't break out the guitars and amps! Try to ignore Aili's "deer-in-headlights" look... :)

Connor disappeared almost as soon as we arrived home, heading out to play with Levi, the little boy who lives next door. I only managed to snap this photo of him, at lunch! Otherwise, he was MIA for most of the afternoon, coming home only for food and water! :)

Gary and I were so excited that his buddies from high school, Philip and Harold, made it out to hang with us! Such great guys - love those boys! And Harold brought his beautiful wife, Alysa, and their gorgeous kids!! (Man, you two make some cute babies!!) Here they are:

Eveie is 3 1/2 years old and Toby is almost six months. I have warned Alysa that I may have to use these photos for some scrapbooking submissions - they are too cute not to scrap!

And Philip is Aili's godfather... and I didn't get ONE photo of the two of them together!! Argh!! Luckily, he is going to try to make it out to her birthday party in a few weeks so I'll be sure to snap a few then!

It was HOT, but there was a nice breeze every once in a while! Aili and Eveie had a blast, playing in the sprinkler! And the water was COLD!!! I'm surprised their lips didn't turn blue!

The next door neighbours, Lana and Tim, were gracious enough to let our kids bound about on their trampoline! Connor loved it, as was expected but what surprised me was how quickly Aili picked it up! I guess kids and jumping (especially this little miss!) go hand in hand!

On our way out on Sunday, the kids went for one last romp on the trampoline. I love how Aili's curls are bouncing about in this photo!

And Gary's parents decided that, for the kids' birthdays this year, they would buy them a trampoline!! Yay! They will be so excited! We will pick one out soon so that they can enjoy it for the rest of the summer. Now to decide where to put it...?


  1. Looks like the kids had a great time! Cool photos - didja practise a ton with your lens? How was the inlaw visit? Glad that you are back - missed ya!

  2. Great photos Sue!! Sounds like it was a nice party!!

  3. YOu will love having a trampoline for the kids!! My parents got one for our kids when they were little and it was THE -est gift ever! I love the pictures you captured - you always inspire me!!

    And I'm glad to -e home so I can check what you're up to every day!!

  4. We had a trampoline at our neighbours when we were kids and had a blast. Way better than the money spent on a pool in my opinion.

    Awesome shots of Aili and I can't believe that she will get that close to it.


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