Friday, July 21, 2006


Anyone else thankful that it's Friday? And not only for Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Fridays! ;)

I've had a crazy, busy week! Connor had his soccer playoffs this week. Unfortunately, they didn't advance - he was so disappointed! Mostly because of his love for the game, but partly because he wouldn't see Jacob anymore! Jacob is on his team (great player too - his dad's the coach! :)) Tuesday, his coach dropped off his team photo and Jacob asked if Connor could come by for a play date! He perked up considerably after that! Kids are so fickle! LOL!

Aili's new caregiver, Mlle Lisa, started at Franco-Sol last week. She's quite perky and enthusiastic - I liked her immediately. She noticed that Aili doesn't like to be dirty, and that she's aware of her bodily functions (for lack of a better description!). She said if we wanted to bring her in panties, she would start potty training!!

What a great idea! Or so we thought...

Suffice it to say that we had one CRANKY little girl Monday night!! I think she was just exhausted from the pressures of the day. The next morning when I asked if she was ready to go and see Lisa, she replied with a resounding, "NO! 'Rella!!" (her Pull-Ups have Cinderella on them!) I spoke to her caregiver and we decided to wait, since Aili was starting to associate negative feelings of potty training with Lisa. Especially since Lisa had just started at Franco-Sol!

So we have had success off and on - she likes to wear her "pretty panties" all day, but also loves to run to the potty every four minutes to sit down! The complete opposite of Connor, who fought me tooth and nail! How two people can create two ENTIRELY opposite children is beyond me!

I've also been busy, trying to proof the photos from a shoot that was two weeks ago!! I kept running out of disk space! How can that be?!??! I have a 40GB hard drive! I was able to get a small chunk of it done today during Aili's nap, but she woke early, so it'll be a late night for me, since the client is heading back to TX tomorrow, I think!

I haven't been on Scraptivity much this week, and I'm missing my online sisters! :( I have to pop on there tomorrow though and post the winners of the June contests. Yippee!! We're also having a month-long birthday celebration for our 2 year anniversary - we've got some rockin' challenges and contests planned. Congratulations on Wendy for such success in a short time frame.

So here's to Friday - the start of a beautiful weekend!


  1. Happy Friday Sue!

    Miss Aili certainly sounds strong-willed...good for her! She'll be a survivor for sure!

  2. Oh yes, Fridays are good! I haven't been at S! too much this week either! I think it's time for another chat, you and me! Either MSN or heck, it's better to hear your voice! Miss you!

  3. hooray for Fridays! Sounds like you've had one heck of a busy week! Aili sounds so cute with the pull ups! Can NOT wait to hear about what is going to come in August... any hints for us? ;)


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