Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Little Miss K!!

Well, happy birthday PARTY, anyways!

Today, we headed over to spend the day, celebrating Kayleigh's special day with her family and friends. It was such a great, albeit VERY HOT day (I think I heard someone say 94 degrees?!). It was so great to hang with the whole family - they're such great people! And Dawn's grandma, Nettie, makes the best raisin bread I've ever had!! I'm going to be after Dawn to email me that recipe!!

Dawn & John arranged to have a "toddler-friendly" clown come by! We had our doubts, but when Dotsy arrived, the kids were so excited!! Well, almost all of them... Aili was more interested in playing with the babies and the strollers! Dotsy did some magic tricks (which even impressed some adults! Okay, maybe just me...), made some wicked kewl balloon animals and then painted faces! She did wonderful work - Kayleigh had a butterfly and flower (and a bunny face, and another butterfly... LOL!) Aili had a butterfly and flower painted on her arms and of course, Connor had a soccer ball painted on his face!

Dawn and I marvelled at Dotsy's cool job! How exactly do you get qualifications to become a clown?!?

We had yummy food, sang Happy Birthday (three times!) and pigged out on DQ cake!

Liam helped his baby sister open her presents (as is the right of an older brother!) Aren't they adorable?! D & J, you make CUTE kids!!

The only flaw in our near perfect day was the nasty tumble that Aili took. She was climbing onto a chair at the table and went to lean on the table to push up onto her knees and slipped! Whacked her mouth right on the edge of the table and split her lip. Ouch! We iced it and within minutes (as soon as the pasta was brought out, in fact!) the tears stopped!

The kids LOVE to hang out together. I feel so blessed that we have such wonderful friends and I hope that our children will grow up to have the same stong bonds of friendship. Connor was so upset when it was time to leave, because he was having so much fun!

I captured this adorable photo of Aili and Kayleigh together:

These two will be thick as thieves, and probably in as much trouble, by the time they're 15!! :)

So Happy Belated Birthday, K!! Much love and happiness to you always, sweetie!!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I hope Aili's lip is okay - that would hurt!!! OUCH!

  2. cute photos! Looks like the kids had a great time!

  3. Beautiful photography! I love what you do behind the lense girL!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sure do have an eye for what works!

  4. the pics are awsome as always.Ouch about Aili's lip! Poor peanut!

  5. Denise (lynkd)July 19, 2006 6:47 pm

    Well, you're now officially bookmarked so I can come back and visit you over and over and over and over and over. ;) Love reading your adventures and (especially) love viewing your latest photography. You and that camera have a way with each other.

  6. Cute cute cute photos! Looks like a marvelous birthday party!! Very cool soccer ball on Connor!!

  7. Very cute photos!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Connor's face - he is the cutest thing!!!

    Just wanted to say hi - love ya and miss ya!!!

  8. Awesome photos. Glad you had a great time.


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