Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Favourite colour? Pink....

But not PINK EYE!!

Yep, Mme Chantal from Aili's daycare called me today to say that Aili had woken up with a puffy, red eye, oozing goop! Ick. And of course, I'm elbows deep in period end, desperately trying to get it all done by the cut off time...

I managed to get out of work by 3:45pm and picked her up. I love picking her up. Seeing her playing intently, and looking up at the sound of a car parking in the parking lot, adjacent to their play area, as they all do! Love how she squeals with delight when she recognizes the vehicle (Heaven help us if someone else gets the same!). How she starts running around, shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" It's even cute how some of the older children will yell, "Hi, Aili's mommy!" :)

Anyhow, I digress...

I picked her up and her eye didn't seem to be as puffy or red as they indicated. I tossed around the idea of skipping the clinic to see if it cleared by tomorrow, but at the last minute, pulled into the parking lot. We didn't have too long of a wait (only about 30 minutes) and the doctor diagnosed her immediately with conjunctivitis (click here for more info). At this point, both eyes had the discharge (charming!). So off to the Shoppers Drug Mart we go, prescription in hand!

As an aside, I found this interesting fact, in reading about pink eye:

"Allergic conjunctivitis occurs more frequently among children with allergic conditions such as hay fever. It is often seen only at certain times of the year, especially when caused by allergens such as grass or ragweed pollen. Other allergy-causing substances like animal dander or dust mites can cause year-round symptoms of conjunctivitis. Although other forms of conjunctivitis often start in one eye, allergic conjunctivitis typically affects both eyes at the same time."

Hmmm, I may make an appointment at the Allergy Wellness Centre for her...

At any rate, aside from the goopy discharge, and a bit of redness, there's no other side effects. The eyedrops are to be administered for six days... her birthday party is in four... Keep your fingers crossed that most of the symptoms are gone by then!

And speaking of birthday parties, I finally got around to scrapping this adorable photo from Aili's first birthday party:

This was done for a Guest Design Team scraplift challenge that the Scraptivity! DesignTeam does every month. This month, as we did not have a GDT member, we each chose a member of the forum whose work we admired. I choose Holly A. (username: mamato3tots) I love all of her work, but her layout (click here to see) was perfect for this enlargement that has been sitting on my desk for several months now.

Thanks, Holly, for the inspiration, and thank you for looking.


  1. Oh, poor Aili! Hope those meds work real fast! And even though it wasn't part of your plan today, I'm glad you got to pick her up early and get the royal welcome!

  2. Isn't it the BEST when you pick them up!?!?!?! I love that "MOMMY!!!" squeel!

    Sorry to hear that she got into this mess. I hope she's feeling much better for her birthday party!!!

  3. Hope it all clears up in just a few days!!

  4. oh no! I hope it clear up real quick in time for the party!! It was nice of the daycare to call you and let you know and not just let you pick her up like that!

    The 1st birthday layout is terribly cute!! love it!

  5. Beautiful lo! I hope that she is feeling much better! She is terribly cute - can't believe that she is two already!

  6. oh no about Aili's eye!! Definitely hope that it's gone in time for her party!!

    LOVE yoru layout!! that paper is so cute and girly and feminine! Just beautiful as always!!

  7. Oooh, I hope she's feeling better by the time her party comes!
    Love that sweet layout! The paper is SO pretty and fun!

  8. I hope Aili is better now. I didn't know that about pink eye so thanks for sharing. Helpful now that I have a daycare.


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