Monday, August 14, 2006

A few more from the Aug '06 kit...

Quirky Trait:
I've had this photo of Connor for a while ago (Jan' 03!!) I love how I've capture this little trait that he and I share...

Journaling reads:
Here it is, caught on film. That little tongue that peeks out when you are concentrating very hard on something. And the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, because I have that silly unconscious habit too! Always had it and always will, I’m afraid! I am usually unaware that I do it, but tonight, as I was working on this layout, I caught myself doing it! Which, of course, make me laugh out loud!

That's Just Life:
I haven't had any luck getting this uploaded to the gallery, so you're getting a sneak peek! The scan is a bit wonky - it doesn't really have that line going done the right side! :(

Journaling (underneath photo, with ribbon) reads:
They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but to me, this photo says it all in just two: “I’m MAD!”
You were angry with me, because I would not push you on your swing. Truth be told, I had just pushed you several times, but you made no effort to keep yourself going, by pumping your legs back and forth. So I refused to push you any more.
You accused me of not loving you and of loving your sister, Aili, more, because I was pushing her. Ah, even at six, you know how to play the guilt card! I patiently explained that I loved you both very much, but Aili needed my help to swing and you didn’t.
Harrumph! You turned your back on me and refused to speak.
I wish that this would be the only disappointment you will face in Life, but alas! I know it will not be. And while I can not shield you from it, I can at least help you to get used to it.
Sorry, my baby, but that’s just life. ~ May 05, 2005


  1. Awesome pages, Sue! Love the journalling on them both!!

  2. Your photos are rockin!!!! I love them all....especially the ones around the pool!!!!

    This LO is stunning! I love what you've been doing lately!!!!

  3. What awesome los! You are just inspiring me in so many ways right now! You rock girl!!!

  4. These are aweome layouts Sue, I especially like the "That's just life ine - your journalling is spectacular!!!

  5. Awesome layouts, Sue! Love your work!

  6. Wow love that paper.. can't wait to get my kit! :) Great layouts!!!

  7. You are an inspiration Sue !!

  8. I love the pages you did. Great job at capturing life. The journaling is fabulous!!


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