Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hola amigos!!

Long ago, about 6.5 years ago, I was blessed to have met a wonderful group of ladies. We were all enrolled in a Baby Exercise and Massage group at the Oakwood Community Centre. All of us were first time moms, and our babies were within seven months of each other in age. The friendships flourished and the children became playmates. We continued our friendships as most of us had our second, and one, her third, child. We are mothers, wives, scrapbookers (their husbands blame me for that! :) ) and most of all, friends.

So to strengthen our friendships and to include our families, we alternate hosting duties and try to get together every month or so. Today, the party was at Dave & Judy's place; the theme, Mexican! It was so much fun. The food was awesome, the margaritas frosty and fun was had by all! Thanks to D & J for a great time!

Here's a few photos of the pool fun:


Judy (photo credit: her daughter, Mikhayla)
Mikhayla followed me around for much of the afternoon, wanting to take photos with my D70! What can I say? She's got great taste! :)


Katrina (isn't she just beautiful?)


(you may remember this handsome guy and the next two beauties following, from an early blog post... look at how much he's grown!)



Aili trying to dive (that girl has NO fear!!)

It was so nice to connect with these friends again - we have been unable to make the last few get togethers, due to prior committments. I think we'll be hosting the October one! Can't wait!

Thanks for looking!


  1. How much fun to connect again. Friendships are the best!

    Too cute that you are encouraging a budding photographer!

  2. Great photos (as usual) Sue!! Dont you just love meeting friends in unexpected places, and then being able to keep up with them for such a long time...amazing!

  3. That is so awesome! What an awesome group of friends to have!


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