Friday, August 11, 2006

Angels among us...

Regardless of your denomination, or even lack of faith, do you believe that there are angels that walk among us?

I do. And this photo is living proof.

This photo is of two people who are very special to me. One is my aunt, Serafina. She is my dad's sister, and just spent a few days with him last weekend when she flew in from the U.S. for my cousin's wedding (see prior post for incriminating photos! :) )

Why do I think she's an angel? Several reasons, actually. She is a very sweet lady, with a wonderful positive disposition, despite some hardships she has had to overcome. She is the epitomy of kindness, as I have never once seen her be mean or angry, either! She is the type of woman to whom you *always* want to hug when you see, because she makes you so happy inside.

She loves children, and they love her. For those of you who may have seen this layout in my gallery. This is her granddaughter, Sarah, with Aili, when they flew out, along with Sarah's mom, Mary, last September. Gary and I were on our way to Ottawa for a wedding, and only had a brief visit with them. Every time we see them, I yearn to live closer to them, as we all get on so well together!

The other angel is my big sister, Liz. I was speaking with her yesterday on the phone, as I do almost every day, and she teased me about not having any photos of her from the wedding. "Only the fun people, huh?" she teased. There are 9 years separating us, and as I was about to rib her that it was only the "young" people, as I am wont to do, I refrained. I thought about her last night, and all that she had done for my parents when my mom became ill with cancer. She took compassionate leave, and all but moved her family into my parents' home. She maintained not only her own home and family, but ensured that my dad was fed, their home was clean, my mom's pain meds were sufficient and pretty much did everything that was required. My other sister, Teresa, and I lived out of town, albeit not far away, but I had just delivered Aili and was trying to adjust to becoming a mom of an infant again. It was very hard on my sister, and I know there were days where it became almost unbearable, having to watch my mom suffer. I commend her on her perseverance and tolerance, and not letting her frustration and sadness affect her care. I am so very grateful to her for spending that time with my mom, in her last months with us. She is a wonderful person, with a kind and generous heart, who has stepped into the role of mom for me, calling me every few days to touch base, gently chastising to watch my spending :) and continuing to remind me that family and friends are first. No matter what.

So Liz, your photo is on my blog now! And because of it, I want to thank you for being a wonderful sister, a dedicated daughter, a cool mom - despite the episode at the wedding, ;) - and for most of all, inspiring me to become a better person. When I grow up (which I know that you despair may never happen!), I want to be just like you! Love you, lots!! XOXOX


  1. What a sweet post Sue!! I hope your sister reads your blog!!

  2. Oh Sue that is incredibly sweet, what great kind words and although I found this in a fortune cookie the quote came to mind...

    The greatest words are those spoken from the heart.

    I am sure your sister will be touched when she reads how much you look up to her!!!

  3. I love family!! What an absolutely lovely dedication to your sister and to your aunt.

  4. I finally got a chance to read this and it's such a great post! Your sister is awesome and I am glad that I know her also. She is like a mature friend that I have never had before and a great cook!!

  5. Wow, what a sweet post to 2 very sweet women! I'm so glad you have them both in your life, Sue!


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