Monday, September 25, 2006

12 things I learned this weekend...

at a Creative Memories crop:

1. Gold foil wrapped Hersey kisses really DO look and sound like a cockroach, scurrying across your pillow, in the dark.

2. There are still diehard CM loyalists... STILL!!

3. 41 hours of laughing + 7 hours of sleep = migraine headache on Monday morning

4. Continental breakfast is NOT my idea of food... ever! Especially after 3 hours of sleep.

5. It is apparently OKAY to walk up to someone's scrapbooking supplies, while she is eating dinner, and to rifle through her photos, new purchases and albums. In NO way does that constitute overstepping the boundaries... at least at that particular crop!

6. If I am tired enough, I will sleep anywhere.

7. It is perfectly acceptable to go to the Home Hardware in your pyjama bottoms, if scrapbooking supplies are the target!

8. I say, "But that's just me"... A LOT.

9. I CAN be productive at a crop! (Who knew??)

10. Taking the Via train first class from Toronto can be lucrative, if you know how to schmooze... ;)

11. The batteries on my Zen don't last as long as I can listen to music.

12. At 4am, bathroom humour is suddenly hilarious, and you can see, with the utmost clarity, why men find it funny...

Thanks to my cabin/table mates: Angie, Sheri, Dorothy, Liz, Kimberly and Carrie - it was a weekend that I won't soon forget!


  1. huh? it was a sleepover crop?

    so jealous.

  2. Sounds like you had a ball!! Where do you guys go???? I'm just dying to go to a crop!! :)

  3. ROFL! It sounds like you had a great time, minus the monday morning headache!! Hope it was worth it!!

  4. I love your run down, especially #5!! LMBO!! what a great weekend! Can't wait to see the lo's!! :)

  5. I'm glad you got to SB for a whole weekend!!! Lucky you!

  6. I think you have come upon some life lessons in that list!! Too funny!! You soooo need to come out to BC!!

  7. ROFL! Sounds like you had a blast. Love your list and wounds interesting things happened.

  8. Sounds like you had some fun!!


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