Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've been tagged!!

By Kimmie!!

5 Weird things about me....

1. I have double jointed fingers.
2. It has been at LEAST 12 years since I last drank water from the TAP! (shudder)
3. When eating fast food, I always eat my fries first, then my burger.
4. I love green peppers raw, but can't stand them cooked. Red peppers, I can eat either way!
5. I cried for a week after I had to put my dog to sleep. :(

There! You know some of my idiosyncrasies! I'm sure there are plenty more - I just can't think of them right now!

I'm tagging Mona, Melissa (k23m) and Katrina! You're it!!


  1. These are awesome Sue...

    I eat my fries first too... I hate cold fries they taste like DIRT!!!!

  2. aw! As I am reading this I am thinking...this would be HARD to think of answers for. And now you TAGGED me! LOL!! I guess a blog post is in my future ;)

    Cool answers, by the way! I also eat my fries first!

  3. Cool - I agree with you - nothing worse than cold fries! LOL - but you're really not THAT weird! Off to blog!

  4. This is awesome!! Love reading new stuff about you! :)


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