Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Will you remember?

Five years ago yesterday? Will you remember exactly where you were, when you heard the devastating news about the World Trade Centre?

I will.

It is etched into my brain, forever. I remember the horror I felt as I stared at the little 5" portable b&w T.V. that we had brought into the stock room at Lakeview Shoppers. I had just walked in when my co-workers had heard that the first tower was hit. I believed, like many, that some air traffic controller's job was severely jeoparized because of it. Then came the sickening realization, as the second tower was struck, that this was no accident, due to someone's hangover.

The United States was under attack.

It was unfathomable to me. I can still remember the chill I felt, watching as the first tower fell. The incredible sense of injustice at all of the innocent lives that had been taken. The disbelief that there could be so much hatred in this world.

Gary was home from work that day, due to illness. He spent most of the day, watching the events on television. We spoke often, as the events unfolded, and the Pentagon had been hit. Wondering how my American cousins were faring.

I remember thinking to myself, as I sat glued to the television that night, and in the days that followed, if this is how our parents felt, when the war had started and they heard the news for the first time. If they realized, as I did, that life as we knew it, was about to change. Drastically.

I bow my head in sadness for all the men, women and children who lost their lives that fateful day, five years ago. For the survivors, who have lived through the horror. For all the families who have been touched by this tragedy. And I offer a fervent prayer for those who are still fighting to protect our freedom. May we cherish it. Always.

And may this fight be over soon so that you may return home safely to kiss your wives and husbands, and hug your children tightly.


  1. You are so eloquent Sue. I too remember exactly what I was doing when the news broke (I was at work as well). Like you I also thought that surely the first plane was some sort of freak mistake. I watched the second plane hit the tower on the TV in the lunch room at work with several high ranking senior Windsor Police Officers and I remember as soon as the second plane hit, they all cleared out instantly and then the nobilization began. Even though this happened in New York, the Windsor Police knew instantly that as a border city they had to have a plan. I also remember tucking my infant son into bed that night and then sitting down to watch CNN with my husband and thinking that this was surely the end of the world. Today when I watch all of the footage from Sept 11th, it touches my heart still. As the wife of a police officer my heart goes out to all the widows of the police officers and firefighters who died that day. They are truly heroes in life - not death.

  2. 9/11 reminds me of what my cousin died for in Afghanistan. It reminds me of the freedom that I so enjoy in this country of ours. I remember my gf's brother who was flying the plane between Boston and LA and how the passengers on that flight, like the military now, risked their lives to save others so that no other lives would be lost. As a wife of a man who deals with security issues like bomb threats all the time, I pray for the wives of police officers, fire fighters and military every day because thanx to you, we live the way we do. Thank you Sue, for reminding us again of the life we live and how lucky we are to live it.

    The saddest part of this "life" we live? Our children are growing up in a world of war, a world of fear and to some people even hate! Thats not my world - I hope its not yours! Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now!!!

  3. Very well said, Sue! I was on my way home from an early morning walk with a friend when I heard the news on our 7:00 broadcast. I still think of it when I drive by that particular spot on the road. By the time I got to school, it had gotten even worse. I remember our VP saying it was the end of the world as we knew it.

    Thank you to the men and women who protect us all - soldiers, policemen, firefighters, security workers. You do amazing work every day!

  4. Well said Mona! I remember shaking all of the time and not being able to sleep. I was so frightenend. I hope that this will be the only time we witness something like this because this was pure tragedy. I still don't understand why people would do this.

  5. I so remember that day too. We watch TV all morning at work.


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