Monday, October 30, 2006

Conversation of the day

As heard at the dinner table, between Mommy and Aili:

{Scene opens with a very LOUD rumbling coming from the nether regions of the young leading lady}

Mommy: [gasp] "What was that?!?"

Aili: [quite proudly, with a big grin] "TOOT!"

Mommy: [nearly passing out from the fumes] "Yes, toot is right! What do you say?"

Aili: [holding her nose] "Stinky!"

Mommy: "No, what do you say?"

Aili: [still holding her nose, while scrunching up her face] "Stinky. Yuck."

Mommy: [light-headed from the lack of oxygen] "Aili Grace! Where are your manners?!?"

Aili: "'Scuse me!"

Mommy: "Thank you!"

Well, if she's not picking her nose (See July 9th blog entry!) ... boy, I really feel as if I'm succeeding in raising a lady... [insert rolling eyes here]...


  1. Classy!! Real classy!! hee hee heeee LOVE it!!!

  2. ROFL Sue! What a little stinker! (pun intended!!) :)

  3. ahhhhhhh hahahahahahaha
    you'll still be saying that when she's 23...Lord know mom does ;)

  4. There's a LO calling to be done, Sue!!!

  5. LMBO!!! Sue I think you have missed your calling, you need to be writing somewhere!! TOO funny!

  6. LOL!!! Kendra's not talking too much yet but just waiting as ds toots and he says, "bum burb". Kids!!!!

  7. HAHAHAHA! That is tooo funny!!!!!


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