Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Great friends, good times!

We had a fantastic weekend with the M. clan, even though it went by so quickly (and even though Connor looks less than thrilled in this photo!!)! And especially since the weather did not cooperate... :( But we improvised...

Instead of mucking about at the Ruthven Apple Festival, we split up (boys vs. girls) and went shopping! The boys headed out to Boss Tools with the Daddies and Aili & the Mommies hit Grand Memories Scrapbooks for a quick gander. Got some of the latest Paper Loft line, Well Worn - LOVE it! I'll have to post my latest creation... once I add the finishing touches!

We all rendez-vous'd at the house and headed out to the Essex Aquatics Centre, where Connor has swimming lessons. It's a beautiful, relatively new facility that has a hot tub, large pool, smaller toddler pool, and a big curvy slide! I woke up with a bum knee so I forwent the swimming and stayed poolside with my zoom lens, but the kids had a blast! Unfortunately, I didn't get any great photos, as they made me stay in the little "parents' corral" whose view was obstructed by the pool entrance's barriers!

Aili really took a liking to Ethan and Evan, calling them "the boys"... Or "Ea-tin" and "A-van", when she wanted to talk about them separately! The feeling looks to be mutual!

And here's one of Evan, deep in thought - what a doll!

Big thanks to the M's for coming all that way to visit our family - the door's always open!!


  1. Sounds like a great time was had be all. Great shots!

  2. So cool that you can get together like that!! I need to live closer!! whaaaaa

  3. She is growing up so fast! And that hair! Love it! Totally reminds me of Kaleigh's at that age!

    And my oh my - Connor really looks like his Mama!

  4. What cute kids you both have!!! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate - I guess that just means they will have to come back soon?!!

  5. Oh sounds like you had a blast. Some great pictures too.

  6. Sounds like you had fun even though the weather didnt cooperate. Great pics! (as usual!!)

  7. Looks like there was alot of fun happening over there! The pictures are great - I am so glad that you finally got to see each other again - its been a long time for you guys! Glad you had soooo much fun Sue!


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