Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Virus of the week....

My house seems to be the quagmire in which all infectious diseases are borne... or at least rest for a while!

Aili woke up this morning with little red bumps on her chin and lips. I thought it was just from the saliva from her with her soother, as she has very sensitive skin. But as I got out of the van to switch spots with Gary as we dropped him off at work, I had a closer look and began to second guess my decision.

When I got to the daycare, I mentioned it to Mlle. Lisa, who then told me that they had a confirmed case of Hand, Mouth and Food Disease!! It irks me that we were not told or given the chance to decide whether our child would be attending. Nor is this the first time that it has occured. Grrr...

At any rate, I left her there while the head caregiver contacted her supervisor to find out their policy on this. Why is it that my children seem to get sick every four weeks, perfectly coinciding with my period ends at work!??! I rushed through payroll (luckily, I went out with Connor yesterday to pick it up and worked on it last night from home...) and spoke to our family doctor's medical service (kinda like TeleHealth, but open to local doctors' patients only). Just as I finish hearing that if it is confirmed, she will likely be contagious for 3 to 7 days from the start of the symptoms, her caregiver called back and said that they would prefer that we get it confirmed.

Having one car is usually no problem, as we were close to one another and have similar schedules. On days like this, though, it becomes trying! So, I head out to pick up Aili (who looks quite shocked that I was there to pick her up at first recess and not second! :)), and then Gary. He drives me back to work and takes Aili to the Belle River clinic (because our doctor is not in until 12:30pm on Tuesdays!) where Dr. Engel confirms it. Unfortunately, there is no medication, aside from acetominophen for the fever and pain, for this disease. And twice as unfortunate is the fact that he said that she has blisters in her throat, which will be very painful and may cause her to not want to drink - which of course can result in dehydration!

Calgon, take me away!!!

Gary took Aili home, where she promptly fell asleep (around 12:30pm) and woke just before 5:30pm! I, in the meantime, hitched a ride with our delivery driver to my other store and finished my period end entries. They all came to get me at work around 6pm, which is two hours past my usual home time, but I got alot of work done because no one knew I was there! ;) Luckily, Gary fed Connor before she awoke and she did not want to eat (but happily, she is drinking lots of milk!). We stopped on the way home for more milk and I picked up some Creamsicles for her to eat. Her appetite came back quite quickly when she saw what was on the menu! :)

Gary will stay home with her tomorrow and I will take Thursday off, in addition to my regular day off on Friday. Hopefully it clears up quickly and she's not in too much pain! I noticed a couple of blisters forming on her one foot tonight so she may be grumpy tomorrow!

And what's worse is that this disease is similar to chicken pox, in that the contagious stage is sometimes before the outbreak stage... which means Connor will probably get them next...

I can't remember the last time that I had a sick day because it was actually ME that was sick!!!

Now go and wash your hands!!! And thanks for listening to me whine... :(


  1. Oh that sucks Sue. Yes, your daycare provider should have to inform you. All the ones here have to, it is law. Poor Aili, I hope it doesn't cause her too much discomfort. And I really hope that Gary doesn't get it.

  2. Oh Hugs SUe, this is a nasty nast disease and I hope Aili isn't in too much pain. I too am surprised that your daycare didn't have to let you know. We had a case or two of this last year, so I understand your frustrations, fortunately for us, Alexis never got it, but she catches everything else those kids bring to school.

  3. Oh, man - what a lot to deal with today! Hope that Aili recovers quickly and that the rest of you don't get sick too. I admire your calm and how you juggle to get everyone and everything looked after. ((( HUGS )))

  4. Sorry to hear this Sue...let me know if you need anything.

  5. oh no!! I hope things settle down at your house soon!! I cant imagine that sick kids are any fun (although, my friend said that he likes it for one reason which is that his boy will cuddle with him when he is sick). So get lots of cuddle time in and stay healthy!!

  6. OH Sue, I hate when daycares don't share that valuable information!! I am glad to hear that Aili is doing ok and is resting well! Creamsicles for supper sound good to me too! Hope that Connor is able to not get it too!! You're a good momma!!

  7. Oh that sucks. Why in the world didn't they tell you?! I hope she's feeling better soon.

  8. That TOTALLY sucks!!! Sounds like she's got a pretty bad case of it too! You poor thing - I hope that she is feeling better soon!!!

  9. {big hugs} Sue! Hope Aili is feeling better soon and that your household gets a reprieve from all the stuff going around.

  10. Kendra had this a little while ago but it seems to stay on her feet. I suppose that Aili is all better now so I hope things all worked out with work.


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