Sunday, October 15, 2006


Busy weekend!

And we passed through Friday the 13th, unscathed! Are you superstitious? I'm not, at least not where the number 13 is involved. It's always been a lucky number in the Italian culture, and for my family, in particular... Both of our kids are born on the 13th (Aili, on Friday the 13th!), as is my niece. My mom & dad's anniversary also lands on the 13th. Heck, even Gary's parents' house number is 13!!

We had plans to attend a Haunted walk on Friday, but the weather was really cold and blustery, and I wasn't quite ready to subject Aili to the general public (or vice versa!) as she still has several spots on her. As well, we're not quite sure if Connor has contracted them, as he complained of a headache Thursday night and felt a bit warm to me.

On Saturday, my new friend, Sheri, (that I met on my CM weekend camp crop), her hubby, Jeff, and their adorable four-legged baby, Paige, came down for the night from Markham. My kids were instantly enthralled with them all! Well, it took Aili a few minutes to warm up to Paige, but Paige, in her infinite wisdom, gave her space!

Sheri and I headed out for a staggette (sp??) for Angie. Dinner was great (even though the service was less than desirable!) and filled with all of the required embarrassing paraphernalia that is suitable for a woman, celebrating her final days of singleness! There were alot of laughs all around.

On Sunday, we bid Sheri & co. goodbye and I started to get ready for a baby shower for my friend, Elaine. As I'm doing my hair, Aili comes in to, I assume, watch me. The following conversation ensues:

Mommy: "Hi baby girl, are you going to watch me get ready?"

Aili: "No. Sheri."

Mommy: "Well, Sheri went home."

Aili: "Home? Sheri go home?"

Mommy: "Yep, they'll be back soon"

Aili: "Nooooooooooooooooooo (in a long wail). Sheri no go home!!!"

Proof that Sheri is instantly likeable! :)

I'm quite excited too, because Sheri and I will be rooming together for CKU-Detroit!! Last night, we were trying to convince Stephanie and Angie to come too! What a crazy room that will be! :)

So Sunday night has rolled around again, and after Desperate Housewives, I'm ready for bed! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend:) How did you like desperate housewives??

  2. LOL - sounds like Sheri is going to have to come visit again soon! How exciting for CKU Detroit!! That will be such a blast - I am jealous!

    I hope Connor is feeling ok still and hasnt caught the virus.


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