Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas party #1 over and done with!

Last night, we had our first Christmas party of the season - our first of four, I think! It was the annual Shoppers bash - or the Licence to Dress Like a 'Ho Event, as I like to call it! {insert rolling eyes here}

A huge affair, there were almost 1100 people there, from all of the stores in the area. November may seem early to have a Christmas party, but when you're in retail, it makes sense!

The first part of the night was rather off-putting, as we arrived late and got stuck with several of the younger kids from our store. It seems more of a competition as to who could attract more attention to themselves by whooping and hollering, or talking LOUDLY, rather than enjoying yourself. {again, insert rolling eyes here...}

Immediately after dinner, we made the rounds, visiting with my co-workers from my other store and from my previous store that I was at, prior to leaving on maternity leave. We chatted with my sister, Liz, and her hubby, Gino (or should I say Gomez and Morticia Addams? :)) for a bit and then sat with my friend Dorothy, and her hubby, Rob, for the remainder of the night and "people watched". Which is just really a nice way of saying that we sat and watched the "I Want To Be a Stripper" contestants... {where are those rolling eyes??}

{sigh} Ah, to be young and foolish again!!

We ended up leaving and heading over to Kelseys for dessert. My voice was almost completely gone from having to shout over the music. At least the music was good!

I'm glad I had the foresight to ask Gary's mom to snap a quick photo of us before we left, since we are all dressed up. She took this one, and I worked some Photoshop magic. :)

By the way, this action is called Midnight BLACK, not Midnight sepia as I said before...

Thanks for reading! Next up... McGill Christmas Party '06!! Stay tuned - this one is always alot more fun!! ;)


  1. What a beautiful pic of you and Gary!!!! Funny how we chnge as we get older. I'm sure I would have been rolling my eyes all night too!

  2. You are one smokin' sexy mama!!!!! Stunning photo!!!!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! what a great photo of you two!!


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