Friday, November 17, 2006

"Love" bite update...

I talked to both the supervisor and Aili's caregiver the next morning when I dropped her off. The supervisor said that it could not have been the child that Aili said it was, because they were not near her. Both of them said that she was with a group of kids playing and all of a sudden, they heard her scream. But they think they know who did it and will keep an eye on it. I assumed it was a little girl from the pre-school class to which she will be moving in December, but nope! It was one of the kids in her toddler class from which she is LEAVING!

They both apologized profusely for not having told us. They had me sign a form for her file, which detailed the situation. I was tempted to write on it that I was not informed until the next day, AFTER I called about it, but refrained. Mistakes happen. Once. But look out if it happens again!

The weird part is that when we got home that night, at dinner, Aili pointed to her arm and said, "Ouch". When I asked her who did it, she just looked at me. For some reason, when I spoke to the supervisor, I got the impression that it was a little girl. So I started to name the little girls in her class.

(names have been changed to protect the innocent) :D
"Was it Gertrude?"
"Did Ursula bite you?"
"No. John."
"John? Was it Penelope?"
"NO! John!"
"John? John did that?"
"Yep. John bite Aili. Ouch!"

Hmm... I don't know. She seems pretty sure of herself.

Then again, tonight when I asked her about another mark on her arm, she said, "John did it".

Turned out to be just Crayola washable marker... :)


  1. I'm glad you spoke to them about it and I hope it doesn't happen again! You'd make a good detective. :)

  2. **hugs** hopefully it will be sorted and the other kid was just figureing out what teeth do...

  3. AAhh, the love of motherhood.....

    Are children wonderful! Crystal is right, you are a good detective!! LOL!!

    Take care!

  4. Geez, that's scary! I hope they are more upfront with you next time. That's not cool.


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