Sunday, November 12, 2006

Every year, we try...

to capture the perfect photo for our Christmas cards...

And every year, I get a few more grey strands, my blood pressure goes up to a precarious level and everyone, at one point or another, uses their "outside" voice.

This year was no different. :)

Out of 50 photos or so, only one or two were passable. At any given time, there was always one child either moving, not smiling, hiding or running away. We tried bribery, cajolery, even threatening to call Santa! (not one of our finer parenting moments, I know...)

I will not reveal the final outcome, as many of you will receive them (for those that don't, I will post them closer to Christmas!), but I will leave you with these outtakes:

Cute photo of Connor, but Aili's partially hidden
(and squashed, by the looks of it!)

Faster than the speed of sound...

Love the expressions, but Aili's out of focus... :(

Cute... if Aili wasn't trying to gouge her own eyes out!

Gary couldn't resist a little self-portrait with his favourite girl!

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are adorable. Can't wait to see the final photo!!

  2. stunning photos :) sometimes the slightly out of focus ones are my favs :)

  3. At least you try!! A++ for the effort!! And you got some really cute shots too!

  4. awwww they are fabulous!! my goodness you have gorgeous children!! I can't wait to see your final photo!!

  5. Your attempts and the accompanying comments crack me up, Sue!!! Isn't that the way it's supposed to work when you really want the good shots?!!! I too am anxious to see your cards.

  6. Those are all too cute!! I love the one under the blanket with the great expressions!

  7. Hmmm....interested in seeing the xmas card. Pics look good!

  8. Awwwww, what cute photos! I bet the real thing is gorgeous!

  9. I so can relate on the kids and the motion that just doesn't stop. I had to sit the kids on a hay barrel and they could get off and even then Micah had to hold Kendra to keep her there.

    Can't wait to see what was the one you picked.

  10. Sue, your photos are so cute, and your comments got me giggling. The 'gouge her own eyes out' one cracked me up. Gorgeous kids. Truly!


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