Monday, November 13, 2006

Notice anything wrong?

Do you know how many people have seen this layout (including the two women at the CM crop who found it perfectly acceptable to paw through my stuff while I was not there!)??

Why did nobody tell me?!?!?!?

Now what am I supposed to do?? (yes, that is a plaintive, high pitched wail you hear...)

ARGH!! And I was so excited to use the damn Rhonna Farrer acrylic alpha stamps that I guess my Grade 8 spelling bee champ self was overwhelmed...

At least that's the only acceptable excuse I can come up with.

So I want to hear from those of you who have seen this layout (and you know who you are!)... Did you notice the spelling mistake and chose not to squash my enthusiasm, or did you not notice either!?!

Think Creating Keepsakes or Scrapbooks, Etc. won't notice?!? :(


  1. ack!!! I don't think I would have noticed either until you pointed it out!! OH no that stinks... I can't believe those are stamps, I totally thought they were rubons!! Mmmmm they are yummy!!!

  2. LOL. I honestly didnt notice until you pointed it out and then I had to go re-read it. I think it is because it is a great quote that we know the ending to so we dont actually "read" it - we just see what we expect. You know? The page looks great though!

  3. Ah darn, why don't you put a big N in paint right over top of the "r" and "e" but so that the letters underneath will still show through? The paper with that dress is amazing!!

  4. I guess this paper really does "hide" a multitude of sins!! hee hee Sorry Sue!! I like Colleen's idea - but maybe use HS Ghost Letters to insert the "N" and then it won't seem so obvious. Good luck!

  5. Sue I don't even remember seeing this LO before. And the spelling error is not noticeable. I had to look at it twice.

  6. I had no idea. I think Melissa is right, you see the Jou...y and just assume it's the word.

  7. i didnt notice but humans dont read the actual letters - they assume what each word means not what it is depending on the sentance...

    the only option is to add in a patch onthe same paper & stamps etc...

  8. ps. i cant believe people were so rude to riffle through your stuff while you werent there.

  9. I didn't notice either, until you said something. I was so amazed at how much that paper matched your DD's dress. A coverup is definitely doable, so be creative and see what you come with.

    Very rude about going through your stuff!

  10. To be honest it isn't that bad, and atleast you are creative enough to fix it. I have done this a few times and mine were not so fixable.

    The other ladies have some great suggestions, so I am sure you will be able to do something, it looks great despite the spelling error!!!

  11. Oh I feel your pain. I still have an older layout that says "swiming". I probably wouldn't have notice if you didn't say their was a problem with it.

    I always have at least one spelling error or grammar error in every pages journalling.

    Can you restamp it on cardstock and place it ontop of the old one???

  12. Oh crap! Oh well, I know you'll find a way to make it perfect again. Maybe (because the pp is striped) you could just piece a new strip right over top.

    And Wow! What a bunch of nosey nellies hey?


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