Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taking a bite out of...

Aili !?!?

Aili came home with this little gift tonight. I didn't notice it until I sat her in her chair for dinner, or I'd have marched right back into the daycare to find out how this could happen! I called the supervisor and left a message, as well as emailed her this photo.

I mean, I *know* that kids at this age have a hard time expressing themselves... but where was the supervision!? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the teachers at this daycare, as does Aili. And granted, eight pre-schoolers are hard to keep track of at EVERY given moment. But it looks like it was a good chomp, so she must have let a pretty good wail go..

I guess the transition to the "big kids" room comes with some growing pains...


  1. Ouch! That's one big mark! I hope you get your questions answered, Sue!

  2. OMG Sue! That's a big bite! Let us know what they say at the daycare. I am curious to know!

  3. WOw that is scaary that they wouldn't have noticed keep us posted

  4. WOW that is some bite. How could they not notice and not tell you?

  5. Well that is some bite!! Yowzers!! And I am sure it really hurt her!! Poor little peanut...


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