Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Connor!!

I love you, my goofy kid! :)

I can't believe it! He is SEVEN today!! It seems like he was just born yesterday... in fact, some days, it FEELS like it! :)

We left out his card and a small gift this morning (Jenga game). We told him that for his birthday, we were going to take him to the Medieval Times during his March break! He was very excited! We were hoping to take him in between Christmas and New Years, but I don't know that I'll be able to get away from work until later than planned now... :(

Oh, and excuse the bed head in this photo - he had just woken up!! Plus we're trying to grow it long... and his hair is so thick and curly that it's not really cooperating {insert rolling eyes here...}

We took Connor out to dinner tonight to Kelsey's, as he's part of their birthday club. It was great, despite Aili sticking her hand in my water glass any chance she got - fishing for ice cubes! They brought Connor a Molten Lava cake, complete with sparkler, and he practically devoured it!

When we got home, we brought out his gift from his grandparents, who are unable to make it to his party this weekend. He got a kewl Robo-Sapien - it's metallic blue! He was itching to open it, but we got in late so Gary's going to get it all Energized (i.e. put the batteries in) and he can play with it tomorrow morning before schoool.

Now to gear up for the two birthday parties this weekend... {eek!}


  1. Yup, my oldest is 8 and you do have to wonder where the time goes to eh?!

    Sounds like you all had a good time.

    Can't wait to see some pictures of the Robo-Sapien in action!

  2. Happy Birthday Connor!! You're a sweet boy and I wish you all the happiness!

  3. Happy Birthday to Connor!! He looks so big already! Sounds like he got (and is getting) some great presents! Hope you all have a great day (and weekend full of parties!)

  4. Happy Birthday Connor!!! You're the cutest!

  5. Happy Birthday, Connor!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend with all your parties! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures, Sue!


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