Monday, December 18, 2006

Seven more sleeps until Christmas!!

And I'm already exhausted! We had a super busy weekend!

Friday was the annual McGill Christmas party. I had to stay home with the kids so Gary headed out all by himself... which is just as well, because, after dinner, the poker chips came out! ;)

Saturday, Connor and I headed into town to buy goodies for the party loot bags. It's hard to find enough stuff for 15 kids, without breaking the bank! Thank goodness for the dollar store! We got home around lunch, assembled the bags and he headed back into town for a quick trim before his party.

Quick trim? More like a butchery.

{sigh} So much for growing it out long. Luckily, his hair grows quickly!

Gary picked up our Carly on his way home so she could stay with Aili while we had Connor's party. Pretty easy gig, as Aili was sleeping when she got there and woke up 2 hours later! :) Aili didn't seem to mind at all that her mom & dad were no where to be found...?

Connor had a blast at his party. Most of the kids from his class came, with the exception of four, I think. It was nice to put faces to the names of his friends. They had a blast in the pool! After about an hour, we headed into the gym for pizza and cake. Connor got some GREAT gifts, too!

All in all, eeryone had fun, we were only gone for about 3.5 hours (with travel time) and best of all, there was NO mess to clean up!

Today, we tackled the thank you cards right away and got those out of the way. It was good incentive that we would not let Connor open any more toys (he opened two last night) until his thank yous were finished! While he worked on those, I worked on our annual Christmas cards. He was complaining about the big task before him (15 cards in total!) until I told him that I had to write out over 125 cards!! That put things into perspective!

Christmas cards finished by 3pm (yep - took me almost 5 hours!), I jumped into the shower and we had family and a few friends for cake at 4pm. Very low key, which was nice after the zoo yesterday!

I haven't uploaded any photos yet, but will post some in the next few days!


  1. wow you are a machine!!! Sounds like a great w/e!!

  2. wow you are a machine!!! Sounds like a great w/e!!

  3. Sounds like it was a great party!! And good for Connor for doing thank-you cards! That is a great lesson for kids to learn (and more should learn it!).

  4. Wow such a busy weekend! Sounds like a great party :) :)
    125 cards ~ woah!


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