Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend photos

Unfortunately, there are not many photos that I can post from Connor's birthday party, as many of the children are in all of the photos, and I didn't want to post them publicly without their parents' knowledge.

Suffice it to say that 2 hours was PLENTY with 15 waterlogged, sugar-infused, 7 year-olds!! I thought that I was pretty smart, having the pool part first, thinking that they'd all be tired out from swimming...

However, I forgot how little children are like dogs when they get wet... they run about like crazed animals!! :) At least Simon always did!

Here's a couple of photos at least:

Connor, enjoying the slide. Gary even went down it - he went so quickly around the first turn that he almost slid right over the edge!

A glimpse of the present-opening frenzy... Connor was lucky enough to get some really cool toys! He got an i-Dog, 2 mini Robo-sapiens (one with its' own Robo-Raptor!), 2 Lego Knights, Lego Exo-Force, two boxes of Pokemon cards and a box of Yu-gi-oh cards, Magnetix, Mag Warriors, Lego Gear Grinders, Hot Wheels V-drop and Air Blasters! Lots of stuff!

He also got a Webkinz, from his classmate, Eva, which is a stuffed animal, or so we thought at first. After the party, Eva's mom came up to me and told me that it's actually a virtual pet! It comes with a password, which you use to log onto a website, where you can name your pet & care for them, play games, etc! Which is perfect, because I *hear* that Santa is bringing Connor his very own laptop!

Connor's "family" birthday party was very laid back. We just ordered pizza and had a Dairy Queen cake. He got MORE mini Robo-Sapiens ( a mini Robo-Sapien/Raptor/Dog set!) from his friend, Liam - in a very kewl metallic blue to match his Robo-Sapien! He'll be in Robo-Sapien heaven over the Christmas holidays! My sister also gave him a ticket to go see the musical, Annie, with her and her two nieces... I just hope that he can sit still for that long!

A photo of my 7 year old! (and proof of the haircut debacle...)

Ah, captured on film! Connor has not learned the etiquette of opening gifts of money... he began by opening the cards and waving the money around. After the first incident, I gently reminded him that it should be kept private and that he could just thank the gifter for "the gift of money."

Second card... he took out a cheque from my dad and shouted, "A hundred dollars? Thanks, Nonno!!"

I can see that it will be a work in progress...


  1. He looks like such a grown up now. Glad he had a good weekend and hung out with his friends. These are such precious memories.

  2. Looks like a fun party!! My dd is all over Webkinz, she has five of them and she and her friends interact with their webkinz on the site, it's pretty cute stuff!

  3. Sounds like a great time! And I love that photo with the hand over his mouth! LOL!!


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