Friday, December 22, 2006

Welcome to my new readers!!

Our Christmas cards went out at the beginning of this week. Late, I know, but better than last year - I don't even think we sent them?!

At any rate, in our Christmas cards every year, in years past, I would write a newsletter. Not just a one page letter, telling everyone what we've been up to... It started out that way, but has ended up as a four page newsletter, with different articles (from everyone's point of view from Connor to Aili to even Simon (RIP, buddy!) There were brain teasers and recipes - one year there were even photographs included!

I loved writing them every year and received many compliments on them... Ironic, isn't it, how I am now writing for a magazine?? :)

So... why am I talking about this, you ask? Well, I have decided, after 9 years, to terminate the publication of our newsletter (The Scoop, as it was aptly named) because I have long felt that I have missed several of the year's happenings when it came to the end of year deadline for the newsletter.

Instead, in our cards this year, I have invited all of you, our faithful Scoop readers, to my blog so that you can keep up with our daily/weekly/ monthly happenings all year! I share everything from photos to funny stories to scrapbook pages and accomplishments and pretty much everything in between!

There are archives dating back to May 2006 when I started, so you can catch up, if you so wish, with our year so far. Please feel free to comment on what I've written, or just say hello!

So I welcome all the newbies to my blog - and I thank those that regularly check in too!

And since we are so close to the holidays, I will share with you the final version of our Christmas card. Remember? The one that was 53 shots in the making...??? :D Here's what we ended up with!

The finished product was much too dark for my liking, but after having it reprinted three times, I had to move forward or NO ONE would have gotten a card this year!

By the way, I was going for the bedhead look for Connor - his hair isn't normally so unkempt!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. What a beautiful picture!! And thanks again for the stamps - i apparently received them Thursday but didn't discover them until last night.

  2. What a beautiful Christmas card! The kids look soooo cute! I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas my friend!

  3. Hi! I frequently stop by Angie Mitchell's blog b/c she did our wedding photos and I am nutty about photography and want to see what's new. Long story short, I followed the link to your site and was surprised to see a familiar face-your little girl! I work for Children First in Windsor and I used to visit Franco Sol every week to see some children there. What a small world! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    -Sherri (Essex, ON)

  4. That card is just beautiful!


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