Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Everybody, get on board....


Woo Hoo!! We are having great success (touch wood!) with our potty training efforts with Aili! She is (and of course, I am by no means BIASED here at all ;)) so smart!

We initially started with the potty training at her daycare, after the holidays. She was only having one accident per day before she came down with RSV and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, we reverted back to diapers, as she was hooked up to an IV and it was just one less stress that I/we needed!

During the remainder of the week at home with Gary's parents, she had moderate success, but I do not think she was in panties all day. So on my day off on Friday, we got down to panty business!

We have had four accident free days since and she is telling US when she has to go! Yay!! I'm looking forward to being diaper-free for good!!

On Wednesday, last week, our family doctor's office called. When I received the message, I called her back, correctly assuming that it was with regards to Aili's hospital records being faxed over. In speaking with the receptionist, I discovered that Dr. Johnston had come up to Aili's room (she works in the mornings over at the cancer clinic, attached to the hospital ) to check on her condition! I was very impressed by that. I had already really liked our family doctor, which is why, when we moved 30 minutes outside of the city (and 45 minutes from her office!), we decided that we would continue seeing her. That just confirmed it!

So I made a follow up appointment for Aili today so that Dr. J could check her out, already being familiar with her history. I am happy to report that her lungs sound clear (and are in working condition, which all of the patients in the waiting room, and most of the people in the neighbouring pharmacy can attest too!) and that Dr. Johnston is, at our request, going to refer her to Dr. Lyttle from London who specializes in children's respiration! I'm very excited about that - and curious to see how he will handle the management of her asthma. He only holds clinics once a month in Windsor, so I suspect it will be a few months before we see him.


  1. Excellent potty progress!! Keep it up!!

  2. Oh that is wonderful Sue...

    Once you are 7 days successful, I would have a potty party just for her. Invite whomever you like, maybe family etc. and have them all bring her a gift for the bathroom, maybe Kandoos, wipes, or soap or antyhing like that, or a package of knickers just for her.

    YEAH for Aili this is a huge accomplishment!!!

  3. What a relief that must be Sue! Congrats on all the hard work.

  4. WTG Aili!!! Woohoo!! I found potting training to be somewhat bittersweet - not being a baby anymore!

    A good doctor is certainly hard to find - hang on to that one! So glad to here that she is doing so much better!

  5. So glad to hear that she is recieving top care!! That is amazing that she stopped in while she was in hospital!!


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