Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've been....

a BA-AAAAAD blogger! :(

Time is at a premium around here so I guess point form is better than nuthin'!

* Connor has had a fun week with Gran & Granddad. He's done alot of swimming and skating. We have SKYPED each night, complete with video! Reminds me of the old cartoons, The Jetsons, back in the mid-eighties... when we thought video conferencing was so futuristic?!?

* Aili came down with a fever today at daycare. She seemed fine when she got home, but after our scare with her febrile seizure (an event I would be glad NEVER to repeat again!), we are keeping a close eye on her. She woke up around 11pm and her temp was 102. Doesn't look like I'll be getting much sleep tonight!

* Gary and I came to the conclusion that we have TOO MUCH STUFF! So our resolution for 2007 is to purge, purge, purge!! (Did you hear that, Carm? Aren't you proud of us?!! :)) The garage sale date is set for the first weekend in May - who wants to get some great deals?!? :)

* Eight more sleeps until my scrapbooking weekend with Sheri, Angie, Liz and Dorothy (my September sleepover crop cabin mates!) After that weekend, we decided that we could have more fun (and definitely make better food!) by ourselves! I plan on getting at LEAST three pages done... that's the goal, anyways!

*Speaking of pages, I managed to get three layouts done (well, two are ALMOST done) during my visit with Katrina over New Years. I will try to finish them this weekend and post!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Music to my ears!! I am sooo proud of you!! Purge away my friend, purge away!!!


  2. Happy New Year Sue! Sounds like you guys have had a busy start to 2007.


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