Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Enjoying the sunshine!

Well, not today, as it has been cold and rainy all day!

But on Friday, after Connor got off the bus, the kids and I ventured outside - they were armed with toys, I with my camera and trusty zoom lens! I absolutely LOVE the depth of field on this lens!!
Here's my pretty girl, with her curls sneaking out of her cap!
Connor was swinging from the trapeze and making goofy faces at his sister...She was laughing so hard at Connor's antics that I was afraid she might fall right off the swing, mid-air!
My handsome guy, blessed with thick, wavy hair and natural streaking - everything that women pay thousands of dollars for, between salons and products!!
Can someone please tell me when my little baby boy grew up? Was it right before my very eyes?

We are {still} preparing for a MONSTER of a yard sale this Friday and Saturday - I have been quite ruthless in purging through our things! I find that our weekends are consumed with trying to stay on top of organizing and cleaning - what a waste! My new motto is Less is More!

Have a great weekend! Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods!


  1. When did your kids grow up??? Aili in the side profile pic, looks like you Sue!! Connor is sooooooooo cute, especially when I saw him the other day at your house. What a sweetie. You have 2 beautiful kids!

  2. Good motto!! Good luck with the sale!!

  3. All the best with your garage sale. We are doing on in May too.

    Your pictures of the kids are fabulous as normal. I love the one of Connor and the badminton racket.

  4. Great pictures Sue!!
    It is amazing how much we can accumulate eh! Good luck on the garage sale:)

  5. Aili's expressions crack me up!!! What cuties they both are!


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