Sunday, May 06, 2007

996 days....

And on Saturday, it was finally time for a first haircut! I have been putting it off, as I was hesitant to lose the beautiful baby curls!First, we started our day with Connor's Opening Day baseball game. This is his first year, playing ball, and has taken to it well. He is on the Lakepointe Homes sponsored team of the Belle River Braves. It is Rookie Ball, which is a prelude to fast ball. They use pitching machines, to provide consistent pitching while they learn the ropes.Then we headed into town to get Goldilocks cropped! She wasn't too sure at first, and when I asked her to sit in Amanda's chair, she ran out of the salon, into the mall, screaming, "NO WAY!" (her new favourite term...)
We finally settled her into the chair, once she noticed that there was an "ephalant" on the cape! She sat there, eyeing Amanda in the mirror, clutching her lollipop, as if to remind herself that this was the means to an end!Look at how long the top of her hair is, relative to her bangs! It is starting to fill in around the fringe but the crown had become unmanageable!And the result?

Doesn't my baby look like a little girl now?? Gone is the crazy, wild hair and here to stay are the soft, curly locks!

I was lucky enough to snap this little charmer when she first checked out her new 'do! Isn't that priceless? BTW, the vignette is a new technique that I learned from this new awesome book that I have been reading "The PhotoShop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby (editor, PhotoShop User magazine) - this book is phenomenal!! And he has just rewritten it for PS CS3! This book has just showed me that I am only scratching the surface with what this incredible program can do!

Connor was also long over due for a haircut. He refused to cut it short (and truth be told, I rather like it long anyways!) but I did convince him to let Amanda trim the bangs and thin it out, especially with baseball, soccer and the hot weather coming up!When we finally got home in the late afternoon, we took the kids out for a romp in the backyard. I snapped several photos, for a few reasons. One, because you can NEVER take too many photos of your kids growing up and two, because I want to remember:

this sweet smile.... and this head of curls....


Thanks for reading!


  1. awwww she does have lovely curls, what a princess with an adorable cut!! Connor looks like he was meant to be a soccer player! I love his hair too!! Ooooh ya isn't that book amazing?! Scott is such a wealth of knowledge! I learn something new everday!!

  2. Sue, your kids are gorgeous!!! I love Aili's locks, reminds me so much of Rylee's curls, her hair is long now, so she has the most beautiful waves, and curls that many women pay huge $ for. Hooray for Connor's team, I bet he is over the moon.

    Thanks for the info on the book, I may have to pick it up so I can play too!!!

  3. Aili's locks are just so cute. Looks like Connor is having a blast with baseball.


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