Monday, September 10, 2007

Congratulations all around!

Li'l Eva got married! I worked with Eva at Shoppers while she was going to pharmacy school, introduced her to the addicting hobby of scrapbooking and was so glad that she invited Gary and I to celebrate this joyous occasion with her and Kevin!

It was held on Nov. 18th at Pointe West, an upscale golf course out in Amherstburg. Gary had to work during the day, due to late deliverables, etc, but we did manage to make it to the reception on time. And we had a great time! Yummy dinner, good conversation (sat with my boss, Ted & his wife, Joan; our pharmacist, Lorna & hubby John; and a former pharmacy student-turned-drug-rep, Sabrina & hubby, Emilio) and good music!

Unfortunately, I didn't even bring my camera into the reception so no photos! :(

As an aside - congrats to Emilio on his first published paper!! Woo Hoo! It pays to play with lab rats! ;)

That evening was our first trial run with our new babysitter. Our neighbours' daughter just turned 13 (on the day of the wedding, actually!) and stayed with Aili. Connor left just after Aili's birthday party to spend two weeks with his grandparents in Erin so Aili test-drove the baby sitter solo. It went well - Aili took to Sam right away and apparently didn't miss us at all!

Big hugs and congrats to my cousin, Gabe and Connie, who celebrated 25 years together that day as well!

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