Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to school!

Connor headed back to LDS this year just after Labour Day. He was excited to go back and see his friends, looking forward to learning. His new teacher is Mme. McMahon and despite moving to a brand new school mid-session last year, he is already in a portable! Not really happy about that, but what can you do?

I took the last week of school off to spend time with the kids before summer wound down. Connor and I had a great day on Friday, shopping for school supplies & clothes. He's already outgrown most of his pants in length (and in width, thanks to too many treats this summer!) but I've learned from experience not to purchase his cold weather clothing until the cold weather is actually upon us!

Aili also finished with the summer session at Franco-Sol and is back for the fall season. I was quite disappointed to hear, however, that the powers that be have decided to move her beloved "Mme. Loula" from the pre-school class to the toddler room! The former toddler teacher transferred to another location. What baffles me is why they would think that disrupting BOTH classes would benefit the children?? There has been quite a turnover in staff at the daycare, and while Roula's replacement is very nice, she's just not Roula!! I'm very sad about the whole situation, but Aili seems to be adapting well, and we always stop into the toddler room for a visit with Roula at least once a day!

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