Friday, November 09, 2007


Just not enough hours in a day, I tell you! Lots going on here on our end, since you last read...

Hallowe'en was fun this year, now that Aili gets the concept of trick or treating! Unfortunately, Gary discovered the day before that he had to fly to Minnesota for business and would miss the spooky holiday! :( My niece, Sarah, came by after work to hang out (with great hopes of scrapbooking after the kidlets went to bed - ha!). She stayed home and doled out candy (I missed all the great costumes this year - that's the fun part!) while I took Aili and Connor around the neighbourhood.

We met up with Connor's neighbourhood friend, Ryan and his little brother, Aidan. For about the first 20 minutes, Aili and Aidan ran behind the older boys in vain, trying to keep up. Despite Ryan's mom's and my pleas to wait for the youngsters, the boys ran from house to house, zigzagging across the road. After the fourth time Aili darted out into the road, we finally decided to do one side of the street, then the other.

Connor was Harry Potter this year (of course!) and Aili was a fairy princess (complete with tiara and magic wand!)
Connor loved the attention he received as Harry Potter and he really looked the part with his long hair and scar (thanks to MAC cosmetics! ;)). Aili's dress had fiber optic lights that blinked when a button was pressed. Everyone commented when she came up to the house (probably because she was the only girl in our group), "You are a little princess!" to which I replied... "Oh, you have NO idea how true that statement is... " :D
There was a house around the corner that was done up all spooky-like, complete with a covered tent, lots of hanging ghouls and spooky music. As we arrived, the older boys dashed right in! Aili saw a little girl emerging, crying, and looked at me. Then she looked back at all the scary items and back at me again.

"I no like dat house, Mommy. I no go there." she said, with unwavering certainty.

I explained that it wasn't real and that all of it was just purchased from the store. She then proceeded to comment on how it wasn't scary, it was from the "storm" to the end of the street, and back again! As we went by it again, I asked her if she wanted to go and have a peek.


Three times, I had to empty Aili's bag into Connor's as it was getting to heavy for her to carry! Here we are, almost two weeks later and it doesn't look like they've made a dent in it! At this rate, we'll have it until Christmas - and then it will start all over again with that holiday!

Connor's been doing very well in school. I received a call from his teacher a few weeks ago. Expecting her to call only if there was a problem, I was pleasantly surprised when she thanked me for raising such a wonderful child! Apparently, that morning, when Connor arrived at school, Mme McMahon was taking down the chairs from the table tops, setting up the desks. She said that Connor came in, dropped his backpack and coat, helped her with the remaining chairs and then carried on with where he was heading. She said that rather than do it for attention or praise, he simply saw that there was a need for help and did so. I was very proud of him!

Aili's adapting well at her day care. The previous supervisor is no longer there, and although they moved her beloved Mme Roula into the toddler room, she seems to like her new teachers. She has her own little posse of friends - Alyssia, Hailey and Kennedy - three other girls with whom she has been with since the toddler room. She was the first to move over to the pre-school room so I assume she is the eldest of the group. A & H are celebrating birthdays this weekend with parties on Friday night and Saturday! I can't believe I'm already trying to work around my 3 year old's social schedule! :)

Just Cre8 is going well and keeping me busy (hence, out of trouble!). We sold out of our November kit half way through the month! I was pleasantly surprised! We are in the process of running a contest right now, with the prize being a 3 month appearance on our design team, and we've just added a new digital/hybrid designer, Kristie, from Kentucky! Her work is awesome! Can't wait to see what she can do with the kits! She's officially starting with the January 2008 kit.

I'm still working at Shoppers two days a week, although it's getting increasingly difficult, as Just Cre8 grows. Still, I'm not quite ready to ditch 9 years with a great employer & co-workers, or my employee discount! Our internal audit, which was surprisingly easy, went well and forced me to put the extra time in to get caught up so things are running well.

Now, I'm trying to gear up for Christmas and get a jump start on my Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, if I start to early, I tend to overshop so I have to pace myself and keep my shopping gift list handy! I think that Gary and I may treat ourselves to some furniture for the downstairs. He's hoping to get leather theatre seats so I keep watching the flyers for a good deal but they're just so expensive! Keep your fingers crossed for a BIG bonus from work for him! :D

Thanks for checking in! I will add photos soon!

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  1. Thanks for the great update!! It's awesome to hear all about the happenings and your sweet kiddos. I'm waiting for pictures :))


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