Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Passage

We have a 10 hour road trip ahead of us, with a vacation planned to visit some family in the US.  Normally, I read in the car while the kids are entertained with a movie (or FIVE! LOL!)  No, I'm just kidding...

But I can only read for so long before I get carsick, especially if the print is small.  So I've been looking for small crafty projects that I can work on, while traveling.

I know that my friend, Leica, always talks about scrapping in the car, but I'm much too messy (and slightly OCD) for that - I wouldn't be able to use my Xacto knife!

So what's a girl to do?

Well, here's a couple of projects that I found in my surfing adventures:

Crochet Flowers and Leaves by Attic24

I think these would be adorable on scrapbook pages and cards!

Ditto for these:  Teeny Tiny Flowers by Attic24

I'm also going to be printing out several sheets of digital stamps recently purchased from Pink Petticoat, to watercolour.

I have also been collecting items to create activity packs for each of the children so they will be entertained in between movies and reading.  So far, I have:
activity and puzzle books
  • tiny animal figures
  • silly putty and comics (remember that as a child?!?)
  • colouring sheets and pencil crayons
  • mini whiteboards and dry erase markers
  • storybooks
  • sketch pads and pencils
I also found a great site ( with printable car bingo games and ideas.

And since I just realized that I haven't given anything away yet for July, I am offering up a HUGE stash of ribbon, Prima flowers and this set of Just Cre8 acrylic stamps, Time Out.

To be entered into the draw, just leave me a suggestion for more ideas for the kids and I for our activity packs by 11:59pm EST on Thursday, July 22nd and I'll randomly draw a winner! 


  1. This pretty Kewl!!!! Have a fun trip. I also get car sick, and we have a trip coming up so this is my be a good thing for my car sickness as well!

  2. I have pretty bad motion sickness...I can't read at all not even a map. I have to wear seabands; I wore them everyday, all day when we were in Disneyland. My boys like to play I Spy and 20 questions. The Nintendo DS is a favorite for them too.


  3. We are going to the US next month (DISNEY and family in Georgia). I love the magna doodle for long car trips.

  4. Car trips have certainly gotten a lot easier with technology... the boys love playing their DS's on long car rides... what I like to do with them is play the GLEE cds in the car and we all sing a long it is fun... our car trip is just over 8 hours.. and they were fine...Good luck and enjoy your time...

  5. We often take books on tape out of the library for the kids to listen to since we don't have a DVD in the vehicle. Harry Potter lasted about 6 hours with everyone listening (mostly) quietly. It's a lot of CD's and costs nothing (as long as you don't leave a CD set at your destination by mistake!).

  6. don't enter me in the draw Sue, but another vote for technology!!!!!!!!! My kids played Nintendo DS for an 8 hour airplane + 2hour bus ride when we went to Mexico last year. Definitely a parent life saver. Portable dvd players are also wonderful, especially if you have one per child. ;-)

  7. I'm sold on the books on CD. My son and I "read" our way through most of the library's collection. Among our favourites were Stuart McLean's stories from the Vinyl Café. We could listen to them over and over again. He's 18 now and we still pull them out on a long drive.

  8. Oh, and next prize draw, can I win some of your super-adorable flowers and leaves? I keep looking for a little old lady to crochet some for me. My sales pitch is "It'll do wonders for your arthritis!!!" No takers yet ....

  9. Mad Libs - do they still make those? How about some connect-the -dot type activity books?

    Allison M.

  10. I'd recommend "I Spy" type activities or "First one to see...".
    My DS suffered from car sickness so we couldn't use books etc.
    Sue xx


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