Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And so it begins...

the extra-curricular activities for BOTH kids now! I think we'll be needing that second car sooner rather than later!

Last weekend, we took Connor and Aili to the Belle River arena for public skating. It was Aili's first time on skates (bob-skates) and she took to the ice like a duck to water! That girl has no fear!! If she fell, she got right back up (all by herself!), dusted off her snowpants and kept on truckin'! I have some great video footage that I will add soon - so cute!

Connor has been doing very well in hockey. He and Gary sat down on Saturday to watch the Leafs play and it was amazing how much better his hockey was the next game! He even did a fancy little move around a player and shot the puck off the boards! I'm glad he likes it, after our fiasco with the hockey experience he had last year!

Friday night, Liam came over for a sleepover. He and Connor have so much fun together - I'm so disappointed that we don't live right around the corner from each other anymore! :( They had so much fun, playing with their hockey cards, WebKinz, role playing from the Harry Potter movie - I even got them to do some stamping!! I have tons of stamps that I don't use anymore (since I now design my own! :D) so I put them in a big basket for the kids, along with unused stickers and other scrapbooking supplies from my stash. I do have to hide the glitter though! :D

Aili will be starting ballet in January with Kayleigh, Liam's sister. She can't wait, and neither can I! I remember my ballet lessons - I can still even remember all of my positions, even if I can't do them (why is it that, at 40, your knees just don't seem to want to cooperate anymore?). The best part is that Dawn and I will have 30 blissful, QUIET minutes to chat while our daughters cavort and frolic about!

I had several girls that I used to work with at the Board Office over for appetizers and wine a few weeks ago. It was so nice to catch up and visit. Hearing about all the drama made me miss working there! :D And hearing Shawna talk about teaching JK made me rethink the whole teachers' college thing... especially when Marilyn said that they were dying for French teachers! I just can't imagine going back to school for a year, especially after I've busted my butt this past year, trying to get Just Cre8 up and running! Still, summers and Christmas holidays off sound pretty good right now... especially since Dec 29th is my year end at Shoppers! :(

Gary's doing well, despite being insanely busy at work - just not enough hours in the day, he says! I can so relate to that! He's not had to travel lately, after a recent trip to Utah for two days, then on to California for two days. That was a really LONG week for us all! The kids missed their daddy!! Luckily, my sister & her family went to Florida and let us borrow her brand-new Sebring - BABY! I'm in love! We had to take our van in (and consequently discovered that it needed $1300.00 in repairs! Ouch!) so I jetted around in her car all week. The kids loved it too - Aili, especially! After we got our van back, Aili would say, "NO! I no like the blue car - I want the BLACK car!!" Hee hee!

Just Cre8 is chugging along - the December kit sold out in 4 days! It's overwhelming - I want to thank all of our customers for their support!! I've upped the numbers for January so hopefully, no one will be disappointed this month. I'm also planning a special Boxing Week sale, so check out the site in a week or so for more info!

That's all from me - I have 12 boxes of product in my office, waiting to be put away!! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. WOW Sue! You've sure been busy! Glad to hear everything is going so well for you and especially about the kits selling out so fast for you in December - that is great! Congratulations! Keep it going!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thanks for the update!! I feel like I've just read part of your Christmas letter :)) I'm just delighted that Just Cre8 is doing so well for you. Why is it that means you are also going insane at times though - too bad you can't have one without the other! ((( HUGS )))


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