Monday, April 14, 2008

Murder, she wrote...

I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear the sordid details of the unfortunate trampoline death that occured on our property. I will preface this by saying that the perpetrator is still at large, so lock up your children if you are within a 30 km radius. Also, if you are of a squeamish nature, you may choose to forgo this post...

It all began as a normal spring day, or as normal as it can be with this crazy kid:

Don't you love how those Hello Kitty glasses?? So reminiscent of Elton John (and maybe even the early 80's, but that's another story...)

But I digress, from the horror that is about to unfold. Into the backyard we venture, to enjoy the sunshine a bit longer. As I turn the corner of the house, I see Gary at the trampoline, shooing Aili over to the swings.

At first, I don't see anything.

Then I get closer... Is that a...BELT?? Please tell me it's a belt...Nope. Not a belt. Although I'm sure he would have made a fine belt or even a beautiful pair of shoes... Speculation leads me to believe that he was scooped up by one of the hawks that patrol the area and perhaps then dropped, landing unfortunately in our backyard. Or maybe it was target practice, with the trampoline as the bullseye? We will never know.

Sadly, not only did HE (or maybe she? I dunno - how do you determine the gender of these things??) bite the bullet, but just moments before his (her?) demise, it seems that s/he had lunch, too...

I don't even want to think about the cute fluffy animal that could be that lump. Gulp.

And for the record, this was taken with my telephoto lens. I do not claim to be that brave - just in case s/he was sleeping, as Aili proclaimed when she caught a glimpse of him (her?)...


  1. Too funny Sue - so did you make Gary take the entire trampoline down - I would have LOL!

    Those glasses are adorable - she is one cute kid!! Can't wait to see that photo scrapped!

  2. yikes! what kind of snake was it?

  3. Ewwww...ewwww.... why did I look? Yuck I hate snakes!!!


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