Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Every year, we suffer through the humidity and blistering days, traveling out to either of my sisters' houses to enjoy their pools (and company, of course! ;)). And every year, as we watch the kids jump and splash and wear themselves out, we turn to each other and say, "We NEED to get a pool!"

Of course, we have grand plans to put a large inground salt water pool in, complete with diving board. And a slide for the kids. Oh, and one of those funky waterfalls that cascade into the pool, surrounded by plants and beautiful landscaping. And a hot tub. Then, of course, we'd need to put in a gorgeous flagstone patio. Which means we'd need a new BBQ centre/bar. And new deck. No wonder we don't have a pool!

Since gas prices have soared, the idea of having to trek into Windsor on my days off with the kids, to drop Gary off at work so we can hang out at one of the familial pools, then shoot back in to pick him up at the end of the day doesn't really appeal to my pocketbook... or my patience! Yet, the thought of a long summer with two kids to entertain and keep amused for 3 out of 5 weekdays, and to keep them from making me slowly go insane, was not very enticing either.

After one particularly nasty experience with a musty towel (anyone else have this problem??), I opened up my laptop and headed to to look for some big, fluffy, luxurious towels on sale. And what do I see?


Armed with a $25 coupon, I forged ahead. It came in 3 days ahead of schedule and we are now the proud owners of this:

It's not very big (only 16' x 40") but boy does it feel good on a hot, sunny day! While it's only up to my chin, if I kneel, Aili can touch the bottom so we can get rid of her water wings and get her swimming!

And it's great incentive. Come on, you parents know what I'm talking about...

"Clean your room or we're not going swimming!"
"Okay, Mom!"

Instead of "Aw, man - that will take me HOURS!" Definitely worth the price. :)

Even thought we had to abandon the trampoline.

As long as I don't find any dead snakes on the pool cover...

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  1. Hi, Sue!! Sounds like you guys are having a busy but fun summer. It was nice to read all your news - I had to get a new laptop and my bookmarks were lost so I finally found my way back. Glad to hear the shop is going strong too. Take care and enjoy your 'little - or not so little' ones this summer.


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