Monday, September 29, 2008

It's the Day of Champions!

At least, it was... two months ago!

Soccer season came to an end and we celebrated with the Day of Champions. Of course, Aili's coach didn't call to let us know that we had a game that day (we were actually in the finals!!) so Aili is the only one NOT in uniform... of course.
But that didn't dampen her spirits... in fact, I think she preferred to be in her skort and flip flops! Her team took second place in their division!
Connor's team, however, didn't fare as well.
But he didn't seem to mind! Despite his love of winning, he was just happy to play the game. As much as I love watching them both play, I have to say that I was glad when the season ended! It was so hectic for us, since most of Aili's games started at 6pm, and with Gary now working until 5:30pm, we were rushing back from work to pick the kids up and head straight to the soccer pitch. Dinner on those nights were usually sandwiches hastily packed the night before and eaten in the car on the way. Not my idea of good nutrition!

But now that it's over, I also miss watching the kids on the field: Connor, running constantly and Aili, picking flowers... LOL!

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