Monday, September 08, 2008

This is me...

this morning.

Why, you ask? Well, because of this:

Today, my baby started school!! I thought I would be more emotional. I was a bit weepy when Connor started school. Not because he was - in fact, he went right in, picked a book from the shelf and sat on the carpet, all the while grinning from ear to ear! I had tears in my eyes because I was so proud of him for being strong and independent.
Not to say this my little one is not independant.
Oh Lord, far from it! She knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn't.
Like taking pictures, for instance.
Not high on the list of her priorities this morning.
It was all about getting on the bus.
(Yes, I know - overexposed and a little blurry... but I was trying to get a shot before the driver closed the door!)
But even the most independant people need SOMEONE. And seeing as Little Miss A. has been as close to a fifth appendage as I could get, I thought she'd have trouble adapting. She looks a bit apprehensive as Mme. H. corrals them all and lines them up at the fence.
"Hmm, what's this? You have TOYS???" Utter chaos reigns. Kudos for Mme. H for being so calm and collected! And right in the thick of it, there was my little Princess, making sure that the teacher knew that she didn't bring a sweater this morning, but she had long sleeves. And she got new shoes.
'Cuz we ALL know that it's all about the shoes, right??


  1. such a beautiful story told through your gre8 pictures!

  2. Oh sue - she looks so grown up!!! It is hard sending them to school but think about how much free time you will have now - and hopefully no more late nights cause you can do it all in the daytime!!

    Beautiful photo's - did you get your camera back?? or is it new??

  3. awe so sweet sue, she is a angle and adorable. Love the dress and the shoes!! The best dressed in the whole group. I hope she has so much fun!

  4. You have beautifuls kids. I love your LO!


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