Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Pictures from our Canada Day weekend trip to Town of the Blue Mountains! I know - it's only 2 months late. :) Hopefully I can still remember the details!

As with any road trip with children, priority was placed on arriving with everyone still on speaking terms. We always mistakenly think that if we travel around Aili's nap time, then she will fall asleep and calm and serenity will ensue.

Connor even feigned sleep to try to entice her.

But she wasn't having any of it!
In a desperate attempt at peacekeeping that would rival the Canadian troops in the Middle East, we separated the kidlets on this trip. It worked relatively well, until we were trying to dole out juice boxes and snacks and had to resort to throwing them the lenth of the van.

We got away later than we wanted to - I was waiting for a package from Nikon and didn't want to leave without it! It was shipped with a 10:30am guaranteed delivery time, but due to our "boonies" location, Purolator would not guarantee shipment. We packed the van and got ready to leave, with me dragging my feet, pouting the whole way. And just when I finally agreed that we couldn't wait any longer... YAY!! Purolator arrived!

And so I played a bit on the way up, after we dropped the kidlets off at their grandparents' for a weekend of fun. I love driving on the rural highways up by Gary's hometown. You can see beautiful red barns: Don't you love the name Twyla Brae for a farm??

I love this sunny yellow barn - I wanted to jump out and take portraits by it! As we drew closer to the smaller community of Collingwood, we started to see unique sights. Like this one, for example:
Live bait in a vending machine next to the ice cooler, outside the Mac's! Hee hee!

The drive along the water was beautiful and we started to follow the specific directions to my cousins' second home. Driving into their subdivision, we fantasized at how COOL it would be to live at the base of a ski hill:
We don't get to see them very often, but when we do it's like we are back, 30 years ago, when we lived around the corner from Gabe's family.
Their home is beautiful. Gabe had alot everything to do with the post-and-beam design of the ceilings. This photo doesn't do justice to the tall peaked ceiling that houses the living room.
The doors were all 8 (or was it 10?) feet high which added to the majestic feel of the place. There was alot of dancing that went on that weekend... ;)
On Saturday, we went to "the Village". Not knowing what to expect, I was delightfully surprised to see a quaint little shopping centre, nestled at the base of Blue Mountain, across the lake from the Westin hotel complex.At the centre of the Village, there was a splash pad right in front of an old-fashioned fire station.
The Teletoon Network was there, for some sort of retro cartoon exhibition.The cobblestone streets and quaint architecture added to the charm of this tiny village.But don't let them fool you - it was a hub of retail activity, with high end shops, such as Envy Eyewear, Jack & Maddy and Birch & Co. I couldn't resist a peek inside this colourful store, The Happy Value Candy Co. - and I found some awesome retro candy, like sponge toffee and Pop Rocks! Not to mention some Hello Kitty! candy lip gloss for a certain little princess...We had lunch at Tholos - home of the best Greek salad I have ever tasted! And the baklava was to DIE for! However, this sign caught my eye! Three Guys and a Stove... Isn't it a great name for a restaurant!?
After our little excursion to the Village (which seriously made me want to pull up stops and move!), we headed to the house to lounge on the gorgeous front porch and relax until dinner. I couldn't resist snapping some candids...
My beautiful cousin, Ashley - she's such a little firecracker. I see so much of her in Aili...
Doesn't EVERYONE has a photo like this at some point? How is it that after a few glasses of Tequila Rose, it seems like a good idea to get a picture of someone taking a picture?
Typical of this sort of species, the boys gathered in one of two places. The barbeque (my brother-in-law, Bill, Ashley's boyfriend, Yanni, and her brother, Adam) ...Or the nearest guitar (nephew, Chris, with Adam).Adam seemed to move between the two! ;)
Chris entertained us while we waited.

Living in a fairly new subdivision, there were still houses that needed grass and driveways, but it certainly did not detract from the awesome beauty of the area.
My cousin, Gabe, grabbed my camera for a bit. Just like a boy, he was fascinated with the new shiny toy! Hmm, maybe I should ask HIM if I can borrow his new Porsche then... ;)
My brother-in-law, Gino with Connie, Gabe's wife, and Adam.
Gabe's daughter, Ashley, with Yanni. My sister, Liz. I'm sure she'll ask me to take this picture down, but I LOVE this photo of her!
I also love this casual shot of my sister, Teresa, and niece, Carly.
Adam's girlfriend, Leah, also joined us for the weekend. I had great fun with her and Ashley! You would never guess that she is a heavy-machinery operator, would you?? Yep, she is one of those workers you see that operate those big cranes or excavators on the side of the road!! Such a pretty, sweet girl - I didn't see THAT coming at all! :)
I love this photo that I snapped of Chris, intent on his strumming. I love the focus on his hands, instead of his face. (Yes, it was intentional, in case you're wondering... :D)
We had a fabby last dinner together and celebrated Gabe's birthday.
After dinner, the drinking began in earnest! :D Gary, Bill and I piled into Gino's van, along with all the "younger" kids and he drove up to the Village. We went to Windy O'Neills Irish pub and had a great time - despite all of the Irish Car Bombs!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend, C. family!!


  1. Wow - when you update, you go all the way!! Love the pictures, the details and the great feeling of family that you share here. I just can hear the laughter and the fun :))

  2. Wow - awesome mega update! It sure looks like everyone had a great time, Sue. I agree that 3 Guys and a Stove is an awesome name, and I love that photo of Chris strumming his guitar.

    Hey, it's 2:03 a.m. right now - are you awake?

  3. WOW you sure got a lot of fantastic pics there Sue! What a beautiful home! Gorgeous! Looks like everyone had a really great time!!


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